Health insurance, serious illness insurance, why have a "waiting period"

Paid money for health insurance, why can't I claim? Will be tricked by insurance. There may be many people who have experienced this. But do you know that one of the top reasons? That cannot claim medical expenses from health insurance or serious illness insurance is "Waiting period" Which is one of the conditions that must be in general health insurance and serious illness insurance. Which many insurance buyers People may not even have to understand the insurance conditions before making a purchase. Therefore, do not know that there is this issue. After that, there was a question about why it is needed. Lead time and what is the waiting period exactly? Is something that the insurance company set up to take advantage of consumers or people buying insurance like us? Today we come to understand this issue.

Why is there a waiting period?

Reasons to have a waiting period Because insurance companies want to protect against the risk of having people who know they are sick. But still refused to treat. Therefore, come to buy insurance first and then go to the hospital to get money from insurance. If the insurance company has no waiting period People will wait to get sick before buying insurance. Which is considered unfair to the insurance company. The waiting period is an extension of the insurance company itself. It is time to review customer information first that they are not aiming to cheat. To pretend to claim compensation for treatment Which each company has different time limits.

What is the waiting period?

New insurance buyers May still have some doubts about the meaning of having the waiting period. Explain to understand that the Waiting period is the period that the insurance buyer or the insured is not yet able to claim treatment. Claims for compensation or insurance claims. Within the period specified by each policy Which will range from 30, 60, 90, up to 120 days. Each insurance company will specify a different time period.

Why does each type of insurance have different waiting periods?

Waiting period or a period not covered Depends on the severity of the disease Incubation period or the duration of showing symptoms of the disease. For general health insurance, Flat medical insurance, and income compensation insurance, there is usually a 30-day waiting period from the date the policy comes into effect. If it is a chronic disease that takes time to treat and the high cost of treatment such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke the deadly disease insurance will have a 90-day waiting period from the effective date of the policy. As for the details of what diseases are covered, how long does the disease have to wait? Must also depend on the conditions of the insurance company. Which can be read from the policy book or ask the insurance companies to staff or the bank's sales representative

What to do if the patient is ill in the waiting period?

If the customer becomes ill during the waiting period, the insurance company will not allow claiming. Or may choose to cancel the coverage or cancel the insurance contract to become void. But if the due date has not been found any disease the insured can continue to hold the policy for a long time. If illness occurs in the future, you can receive treatment and protection from the insurance company immediately.

In the event of death during the waiting period

Serious disease insurance that covers deaths in all cases (Including fatal diseases) if the insured dies during the waiting period with serious diseases. The insurance company will examine the history of treatment if it is discovered that a serious illness has never been diagnosed before. The insurance company will pay the sum insured to the beneficiary. But will not pay benefits in cases of a claim of serious illnesses. However, if the examination finds that there is a history of treatment or a serious disease has been detected before the insurance company will return the premiums all paid only.

These are the sources that go to Why the policy requires a waiting period. Therefore, after the insurance is made, if the waiting period has not passed and the illness goes to the hospital Would probably end the question of Why can't I claim the insurance? Because the insurance company itself has some rules and conditions to reduce damage or unfair to the company. And if we, the client who has complied with the rules and conditions correctly Insurance will surely cover and take care of us fully according to the chosen insurance plan for sure. Which if looking at the truth Considered to be fair to both parties. Therefore, it can easily be concluded that the insurance company "Wait" to see if we "sick" as a "pre-insurance" disease or not.

Therefore, before making every insurance decision, should study the details. Insurance conditions carefully first. So that you don't have to become frustrated later. However, both health insurance and serious illness insurance is a very good thing to do today, with medical expenses increasing every day. And we can never know what will happen in the future Having insurance can help lighten the installment and will create future welfare benefits for yourself.

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