Brain exercise to prevent dementia, easy postures, can be done every day

Thailand is entering an aging society at a leap forward. With approximately 1 million people entering the elderly per year. What follows is the care of these elderly people, especially for their health, which will only deteriorate as they age. And one of the diseases that threaten the elderly is dementia. It was found that dementia has an additional 100,000 cases per year, and the fear is that 50 percent of people aged 80 years and over suffer from this disease.

In 2015, Alzheimer's patients were found. Which is a type of dementia, approximately 6 hundred thousand people, with about 100,000 new cases per year. It is estimated that by 2030 the number of elderly people with Alzheimer's will increase to 1,177,000. People aged 65 years and over accounted for 5 -8 percent of the disease, and by the age of 80, the proportion of Alzheimer's disease was 50 percent.

Dementia is a slow but permanent loss of function in many areas of the brain. This will make the patient have problems with memory, cognition, and decision making, resulting in interfering with daily life. Including behavioral problems and emotional involvement, such as aggressive behavior Restlessness Paranoia, and delusion. Which affects not only oneself but also the people around you who need to look after as well.

But did you know that we can exercise the brain at a very young age to reduce the risk of dementia when entering old age? And not only helps prevent senile dementia but also makes the brain work more efficiently. It can be done every day for all genders and ages. Just a few minutes at a time

Brain exercise refers to exercising in the areas that the brain controls, especially the corpus callosum nerve group, which connects the two halves of the brain to work together. Is stronger and works better. This facilitates the transfer of information and learning of the two hemispheres of the brain in a balanced, effective way and helps to relieve tension. Including creating concentration It improves both short- and long-term memory. Brain wave slows down, converting beta waves to alpha, which is the state in which the brain works most efficiently. With a simple way in brain management as follows

Brain button exercise

Many people misunderstand that the brain button is in the head area, but the brain button is in the collarbone. Use your right hand to place the area under the collar and ribs of the sternum. Also known as the clavicle. There will be a shallow hole. On the skin use, the thumb and forefinger Find the two shallow furrows, which are approximately an inch or more apart, depending on the individual body size that is unequal. Massage this area for about 30 seconds and place your left hand into the navel position. While massaging the brain button, sweep your eyes from left to right. Right to left and from the floor to the ceiling

Benefits of Brain Button exercise

- To stimulate the nervous system and blood vessels that support the brain better
-  Helping the communication system between the two brain hemispheres related to speaking, reading, and writing more efficient.

Temple Button Massage

1.Use both fingers to gently massage the temples in circular motions for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
2.Look from left to right and from the floor looking up at the ceiling

The benefits of the temple button massage

- To stimulate the nervous system and blood vessels that supply the brain to the visual area to work better
- Making the work of both hemispheres work in balance

Press the button ear

1.With your thumbs and index fingers, grasp the top and outer sides of both ears.
2.Massage along the outer edges of both ears at the same time, working down the earlobe.

Gently repeat several times Do this before reading to improve your memory and concentration.

Benefits of ear massage

- To stimulate the capillaries that supply the brain to better short-term hearing and memory

- Able to improve rhythmic listening

Cross Crawl

L pleated pose

1.Raise both hands and make your right-hand flirt. Using the thumb in conjunction with the index finger and other fingers to stretch out.
2.Left hand, make an L shape with thumb and index finger spread out. The rest of the fingers to grip
3.Change it to flirt with your left hand, do the same as number 1, while your right hand can make an eel figure. (L) same as point 2
4.To do it alternately 10 times.

Benefits of left and right pleated exercises

- To stimulate the hand muscles to coordinate So as not to cause a finger lock
- To stimulate the brain in order to balance and move fluently
- To stimulate the hand-eye relationship

Posture on the thumb-little finger.

1.Raise both hands and let your right hand perform a thumb with fists and thumbs up. As for the left hand to do the tails with a fist and stretched out the little finger
2.Switch to the thumb with the left hand and tails with the right.
3.To do it alternately 10 times.

Benefits of exercising the thumb-pinky

-To stimulate the work of the brain to balance both the left and right hemispheres
- To stimulate the brain for computation
- In order to prevent the shoulder muscles from being attached

Touch the nose - touch the ears

1.The right-hand touches the left ear. The left-hand touch the nose. (Characteristics of the hands together)
2.Switch to the left hand, touch the right ear. The right-hand touches the nose (Characteristics of the hands together)

Benefits of posture exercises Touch the nose - touch the ear

- Helps to see the left and right images.

Touches the ear

1.The right-hand surrounds the left ear. As for the left hand around to grab the right ear
2.Change to the left hand, round to grab the right ear, the right-hand round to catch the left ear.

Benefits of ear tapping exercises

- To stimulate the brain's work to balance both the left and right hemispheres.
- To stimulate the brain to calculate the distance shift
- To prevent the shoulder muscles to become attached.

You will see that every pose is not difficult and can be done every day in no time. But in starting to do something new You may feel confused or do some wrong poses. It's okay to start slowly. When done regularly, it will become more and more fluent on its own.

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