After Work Stress Relief with 3 Unique Spa Treatments!

Stress, your worst enemy that deteriorates both your emotional and physical condition. These stress triggers could be weather, work, society and the quality of life. One of the common stress relief method is a massage. A research study indicated several benefits of a massage such as stimulate blood circulation, rejuvenate, revive and energize the body. There are many massage techniques but we recommend these vibrant and non-traditional spas treatments.

Head Spa

Head spa treatment includes a head relaxation massage, scalp and neck massage and a hair wash with unique herbal shampoo. In a glance, a full-hour head spa treatment may look like a hair salon with a typical massage. But what makes it special is the ultimate relaxation experience from private treatment round and disturb-free from all other noises such as air dryer. Another highlighted treatment is fingers massage, specially for white collars who constantly work their fingers on computer or mobile phone.

Onsen Spa

Another unique spa treatment is Japanese style relaxation with private Onsen bath. Onsen spa offers several choices of mineral bath based on health benefits such as rejuvenating Onsen bath for sensitive skin or high mineral concentration Onsen. After a soak in Onsen bath, the package includes a choice between of aromatherapy oil massage and herbal compress massage to ease away all muscle ache. A true relaxation getaway of private Japanese Onsen, without the need to travel to Japan.

Hot Sand Bath Spa

The newest spa treatment of hot Japanese volcanic sand bath. Japanese has been using extracting sand from volcanic rock for well-being and therapeutic benefits for many years. The volcanic sand is said to contain essential vitamin and mineral benefits and has more than 20 minutes heat capacity. It can relieve fatigue and tension, detoxify, increase blood circulation and metabolism. Hence, Japanese volcanic sand bath is another treatment option to blow always all your stress.

For those who wish to rewind and relax, give these non-traditional spa treatments a try. Get your hands dirty from these energy boosters! :)

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