7 tips to strengthen the body against COVID-19

How to be able to build an immune system against the Covid-19 virus?
It is a question that has no answer that can be confirmed because there is no confirmed medical research as of today. Various beliefs from vitamin C, vitamin D, or silver nano Eating and being able to resist the virus have not been confirmed as well. One substance may be able to fight some viruses, but it does not mean that it can fight all viruses. Because the results of the study show that the elderly or those who are not healthy are already funded, have a higher risk of getting infected, and have a severe reaction, such as those with diabetes or high blood pressure. Therefore, the best method is to make the overall body healthy. While those who are healthy in many ways in the case of having received a virus but may not show any abnormal symptoms or with very few symptoms. Therefore, the overall strengthening of the body's immunity has a great effect on the resistance of the virus. And this is how to strengthen the body's immunity Which everyone can do because, in addition to helping with antiretroviral therapy, it also creates good health to keep us away from other diseases as well.


1.  Eat foods that are low in carbohydrates

Also known as low carb, as well as avoid foods that are high in sugar.
It has been proven that a low-carb diet helps to strengthen the body in the long run. It has a positive effect on blood pressure Blood sugar levels Metabolism and weight control system. Research has shown that people with diabetes or impaired metabolic systems are at greater risk of getting serious illnesses if they get more than normal people.

2. Stop smoking

Because smoking increases the risk of infection. Especially in the lungs and causing the infection to cause severe inflammation as well.

3. Get enough sleep 

 It is already known that enough sleep is important for good health. Adequate sleep also helps the immune system to function more efficiently. Research shows that low sleepers have low immune systems. In the experiment, people who slept less than 7 hours were 3 times more likely to get infected with the virus compared to people who slept 8 hours or more.

4. Exercise sufficiently and consistently

The studies found that those who exercise sufficiently have fewer symptoms of infection than those who do not exercise. And when the virus is pandemic, it is recommended to exercise at home to prevent the risk of exposure to the disease.

5. Dealing with stress

stress is another factor that decreases the body's immune function. Stress, anxiety, and the unrealized future all affect the immune system. Studies with medical students near the exam revealed that stress has a distinct effect on the immune system. May be difficult to avoid causing stress at all But we can handle it when we realize that we are stressed out and we can use various methods To reduce stress such as meditation, exercise, gardening, watering plants, playing with pets Which can help reduce stress

ุ6. Take supplements

aVitamin C, although no findings yet Confirm that vitamin C helps to stop COVID. But vitamin C has been used to prevent the common cold for many decades. Research has shown that vitamin C improves the ability of white blood cells to function. Which has the effect of increasing the ability to resist infection. The National Academy of Medicine recommends not taking more than 2000 milligrams of vitamin C per day. Although vitamin C is soluble in water and can be excreted through urine. But getting too much vitamin C can affect the kidneys

bVitamin D really affects both immunity and hormones. Our body can make vitamin D by ourselves when the skin is exposed to sunlight. But with the fear of the hot sun of our home, many people, therefore, avoid direct sunlight. Therefore, taking vitamin D supplements is an option. Suggest consuming no more than 2000 IU per day.

c. Zinc is an essential mineral for the body. This affects the function of white blood cells in fighting germs the results show that taking zinc as a dietary supplement can reduce the duration of a cold by up to 33%. Taking zinc supplements should not exceed 40 milligrams per day.

d. Turmeric Recent research has shown that turmeric also influences the body's ability to strengthen immunity.

e. Echinacea is an herb that helps prevent common colds. And the study found that it has a mild effect on the prevention of respiratory infections as well

f. Garlic has antibacterial activity. Including properties for preventing flu A 2014 study found that people who took garlic as a dietary supplement had less cold and recovered faster than those who did not.

Although no scientific methods or nutrients have been discovered to confirm absolute efficacy in the prevention of COVID infections. But maintaining good health to increase immunity is another way that we can be far away from COVID.
And although we are unlucky to get infected Being healthy will help us to have no serious illnesses. Let's start to maintain health and strengthen the body from today for good health, far away from diseases both today and in the future. But for peace of mind, also have health insurance. SCB has a variety of health insurance plans that are suitable for your needs