Optimum Travel : Full-Rent vs Full-Buy

Have you ever planned a trip abroad and longed for an amazing dream-coat for your photos amid snow or a big beautiful tote bag that carries all, but the pricy amount to spend for these once-in-a-while using items suddenly wakes you up? An unpropered keeping of these winter gears may cause a fungal infection from the inside of the coat. A considerate decison to always borrow from some friends must be pondered and yet the style may not suit you well.

A propose of an alternative choice to relieve the burden of costly but not so-much-use travel gears coming upfront, which you might not have known, is the ‘rental’ service to render a happy ending to the soaring travel budget.

The first recommended option is a preparing to rent within the country. Currently, lots of coats, boots and luggage are available for rent. No matter how calculations are to be made, this option is far economical than purchase more than half. The travel fund to spend on the trip still much remains without wasting on the travel gears since the trip has not begun as before.

There is, generally, an example of brandname sweaters rental store with starting price from 1,000 - 1,800 Baht/per 10 days. Some stores rental rates start from 7-day term, for instance, sweaters from 250 Baht/7 days, luggage starts from 700-1,200 Baht/7 days, boots from 450-1,200 Baht/7 days or with the customary clothes, rental price starts from 359-559 Baht/3 days up to 899-1,139 Baht/9 days. The whole process serves well with both short-haul trips within Asia and long-haul trips to Europe and the United States.

A deposit down payment will be required upon commencement and refunded at the return date. In the event of damage, wear out or delayed return, an extra penalty would be charged. Some laundry charge may be imposed if rental days are so minimum, as such, trying on the clothes and checking carefully on all terms and conditions of the rental should be made before hand.

In case of a long-haul many days trip to Europe or the United States, renting travel gears in specific country is another interested option, especially in some freezing cold area. But the point to remember is definitely the higher rental price than where you belong. For example, a trip for northern lights (Aurora) hunting at Reykjavik, Iceland, there are heavy winter suits and multiple camping / hiking gears which enable an easy life of travel light. Searching for Gangleri Outfitters in the Internet for interested persons to find out all information you may need.

Not only a few days long-haul business trip to the United States but also going to a party with trendy flair and without hassle of party costume packing or for all seasons come rain-come shine clothing, here they are the all styles rental stores with monthly payment namely;The Mr. & Ms. Collection ( themscollection.com ) providing numerous of 3-4 packages/month upto 6 pieces/month starting price is 1,xxx Baht direct to your door or Letote ( letote.com ) providing an option to buy the item if customer falls for it, while Rent the Runway ( renttherunway.com ) coming with miscellany fashionable trends depending on the budget and Style Lend ( stylelend.com ) engaging in referential style and online assistants to consult on the borrowing of the Haute Couture, handbags and shoes conveniently as if walking on New York runway with allocated budget.

At any case of whether own-clothes, rental clothes from Thailand or abroad, things to remember are the climate comfortable clothes to wear in order to enjoy your trip, take the impressive photos home and last but not least, no money waste with worthless and space-consumed items.