Website selling is only by “market ownership”

No more that good location means good selling since “online” shopping is the exact service shoppers are looking for Not only that it is without complication, but in certain cases it allows salaried workers to earn additional incomes, especially those who’d like to deal with foreign markets.  And for them exhibition of Thai products is the happiest activity.

But since the “e-commerce” world is the platform for thousands of selling stores your exact targets must be firstly reached.  We are here, therefore, to recommend how you can access specific customer groups from various websites. 

Let’s start with “China” the land with more than possible 1,400 million customers.  Those who’d like to be in the heart of Chinese shoppers should post in for either food products, luxurious brands, fashion dresses, shoes and other items.

Or else try to view market places at, the popular website among Chinese shoppers who looking for mother and child products, health and beauty care, fashion wears and even electronics.

You shouldn’t as well missing to sell through WeChatStore where Chinese people regularly use as communication application.  Penetrating this channel of hundred millions customers might avail you a high chance to approach your waiting customers. 

We will now turn to “India, the land of some 1,300 million people, lesser than that of China.  If you don’t want to put all effort climbing ten and ten mountains to find where your sweetheart would be then start selling through as it is on of the top cyber market where Indian people are willing to dissolve their rupees for the forever hit electronics products.

Another 2 interesting websites are, the one for selling various goods, but the most hit item is still electronics. And where all consumer goods are available and highlighted by home decoration products, clothing and of course-electronics items.

More closer to us in ASEAN is “Indonesia” of over 260 million population and with economic prosperity to enhance people spending for shopping.

For those who sell fashion goods, children toys and D.I.Y goods for buyers to make the finished model by themselves should try this online popular market, highly visited by Indonesian shoppers through the following websites –, and

No one should overlook “Vietnam” where its 92 million population mainly favor Thai products since they do trust in high quality.  That is why touring programs for Vietnamese tourists in Thailand must be with super market shopping agendas.

Moreover, due to the Vietnamese growing economy, the online shopping proportion by its new generation is also larger for electronics items and fashion items.  The popular websites for this shopping group are followed by and, as example. 

The last country is at Thailand bordering line – “Myanmar” with over 52 millions population and rapid growing economy to enhance online shopping.  The most popular products for online shopping is firstly IT equipment followed by kitchen wears which are the favorite items for Myanmar shoppers.

The website which allows for B to B market or direct sale to local business men is followed by and with collection of all good categories as if they were small department stores on the screen. 

The wide you look for marketing places you’ll find the endless trading opportunity.  But prior to penetrating each specific market don’t forget to study the buyers’ behavior, their needs and even their tests so that your goods wouldn’t be lonely hanging.

The important matter is being well aware of all trading conditions, i.e. existing storages, transportation services, trading procedure for fees payment and the required commission for each specific website, how to pay for goods in each respective country and what is the most accepted practice there etc.

Eventually all currencies are, therefore, ready to flow in to top up your selling with the lesser risk for not relying on only one specific market.