How to travel from an affected area.

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2021 in Thailand continues to increase and expand to many provinces across the country. But sometimes people in affected areas need to travel between areas or provinces to other areas. Due to work or business urgently needed to leave the affected area. In addition to the measures that the COVID-19 Situation Management Center (FEC) has issued an Emergency Decree to enforce it in the most controlled areas. The Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health, Therefore, actionable advice for those traveling from the epidemic areas are as follows:

In case of traveling in and out of various provinces

  • Controlled areas up to 28 provinces:
  1. Get a temperature check, observe the symptoms.
  2. Download the Doctor Win app And should have won Thailand
  3. There must be reasons and necessities for travel.
  4. Evidence of permission must be presented from the staff around ​​the origin of the traveler.
  • Other areas of 49 provinces to comply with the Civil Service Code of Conduct for communicable disease provinces

And should refrain or delay the journey unnecessarily until 1 February 2021. The highest and strict control areas are Chanthaburi, Chon Buri, Trat, Rayong, and Samut Sakhon. Red symbol maximum control area Orange symbol control area and the high surveillance area with yellow symbols


1. The case comes from the most regulated area.

  • To observe symptoms at home for 14 days and absolutely avoid or refrain from leaving the house.
  • Those at risk must accept quarantine for a specified period and place.
  • Wear mask if you are together with your family.
  • Keep a distance of 1-2 meters from your family
  • Separate personal items such as glasses, spoons, plates, towels, etc. and do not share things with other people.น
  • Body temperature measurement
  • Should install the Thai Win app in conjunction with Mor Chana.

2. If coming from the control area or the highest surveillance area

  • To observe symptoms for 14 days, able to go out of the house, but should perform the following actions.

o   1-2 เมตร Stay 1-2 meters away from other people.

o   Wear a mask all the time

o   Wash your hands frequently

o  Should install the Thai Chana app in conjunction with Mor Chana

o   If you are sick, wear a massager Then travel by private car Avoid public buses and go for treatment at a nearby medical facility as soon as possible.

Who should watch for symptoms closely when they are sick?

There are also five groups of people: 1. The elderly 2. Children 3. Pregnant women. 4. People with a history of illness with lung disease and 5. People with diabetes. Which is considered a group of people who must be watched closely. If sick during a COVID-19 outbreak By the Department of Disease Control to observe the symptoms and if there are symptoms of respiratory disorders, including 1. Cough 2. Sore throat 3. Breathing tired 4. There is a runny nose 5. The nose cannot smell 6. The tongue does not taste. To do as follows

  • Stay at least 1-2 meters away from other people.
  • Wear a match all the time traveling.
  • Wash your hands frequently. With soap or alcohol gel
  • Avoid going to crowded places.
  • Should install the Thai Chana app in conjunction with Mor Chana.

And to hurry to get treatment at a nearby hospital as soon as possible, if it is more than 48 hours late, there is a chance of death.

Adopt D-M-H-T-T to combat COVID-19

        During the outbreak of COVID-19 The Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health Gave the following advice to people on how to act in response to COVID-19:

  • D-Distancing · Distancing, try to maintain 1 - 2 meters between each other.
  • M-Mask Wearing 
  • H-Hand Washing 
  • T-Testing · Testing temperature measurement or checking for COVID-19 Only in the case of a risk group close to infected people
  • T-Thai Cha Na ·  uses the Thai Chana app to keep a timeline if the illness comes up so that the risk assessment of close people

And there must also be a "Mor Chana" app that can assess a person's risk and when encountering a COVID-19 infection. Authorities will take an app to review to track a timeline of where the infected person has traveled. How In close contact with who makes. Officers can mark locations without needing to cover a larger area. However, those in the highest regulated areas must download both the "Thai Chana" and "Mor Chana" apps on their mobile devices, which will enable the staff to work and control disease quickly and efficiently. Other areas Both apps should be downloaded as well.

In addition to adhering to D-M-H-T-T principles in dealing with COVID-19, eat a healthy diet. Eat hot, freshly cooked food. Not eating raw or undercooked food Do not share spoons. Avoid touching or rubbing your hands, eyes, nose, mouth, and face. Avoid going to a place with many people. If possible, travel to places where disease outbreaks occur should be refrained. Will make it possible to prevent and cope with COVID-19. And do not forget to observe yourself if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, shortness of breath. Should consult a doctor immediately. And to cover the risk, you should have health insurance with you for more peace of mind. See more details about COVID-19.


Source: Facebook, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health