Techniques for transferring money with multiple accounts at the same time

Since having Mobile Banking, financial transactions have become more convenient and easier to deposit, withdraw, transfer, pay easily via mobile phone or tablet. You can also set up money transfer groups. Regardless of whether people in the group different accounts have, Transfer amount is not equal. It's not a problem. Because mobile banking like SCB EASY App is provided without any transfer fees. Money can be transferred to everyone in the group at the same time. Together in one click Money into everyone's account immediately How convenient!

The Bulk Transfer feature is perfect for anyone who must transfer money every day, weekly, or every month. The transferor does not have to waste time transferring multiple accounts, especially those who accept work as a long-term project. Or have a daily contractor career that must pay for work or wages for workers often. This type of money transfer is very convenient. Also do not have to be afraid of forgetting too because you can set the transfer time. When the transfer is completed, there will be a transfer slip to be kept as evidence automatically. Some people use it to save money for their children. Some people can use it to transfer money into their savings accounts and their own investments as well.


This multiple transfer feature is easy to use and can create multiple transfer groups.
And in one group can add up to 10 payees. The process is not complicated. You can follow the instructions displayed in the SCB EASY App straight away.

How to use the multiple transfer feature

  1. Open SCB EASY App.
  2. Click on "My Transactions" and select the menu. "Transfer multiple items"
  3. Press the 6-digit PIN or fingerprint to enter the payee group creation page

Creating this payee group, First created only once. From then, if wanting to add-decrease groups or people in the group Can do as needed

How to create a payee group

  1. Click "Create a payee group"
  2. Type the name of the group, then click "Create payee group"
  3. On the Manage Payee Groups page, in 1 group you can add up to 10 payee accounts by choosing to add payees from our favorite lists. Or can create a new payee can
    • In the case of "Add payee from favorite list" when clicked the screen will show a list of accounts of those that we have saved as favorites.
    • In the case of "Add Payee" when clicked the screen will display the logos of various banks. If wanting to transfer to any bank, click on the bank logo. And enter the correct account number. Then enter the name of the destination account and the amount of money you want to transfer
  4. After adding the first account Then add more people accounts Go the same way until everyone in the group
  5. When complete, press the "Save" button.
  6. The screen will return to the page showing the payee group again. Is the completion of creating the payee group If there are multiple groups, you can create more groups. In each group there will be the total amount of money to be transferred as well

How to transfer multiple items

After the transfer group has been created successfully If wanting to transfer money, just go to the menu "Transfer multiple items" And click the name of the group that we created. Then choose our account that you want to use to transfer money. Then scroll down the screen to check the accuracy of the amount and the number of accounts that you want to transfer again. If wanting to edit someone's balance, you can type and edit. When corrected, the system will recalculate the total amount of the group transfer. When finished, press. "Check information". If everything is correct, you can click to transfer money to everyone in the group. When corrected, the system will recalculate the total amount of the group transfer. When finished, press. "Check information". If everything is correct, you can click to transfer money to everyone in the group.

With just this, money can be transferred to everyone in the group instantly. Money transfer slips are automatically saved in the device's stock photo gallery, just like general money transfers. But the slip will be longer Because there are a greater number of destination accounts

Anyone who wants to try this feature May start by setting up a group to transfer money in the family, such as setting up money to transfer money to the account of parents while also transferring money into their own accounts every month, it's not chic Try it and you'll be hooked.