Shop smart at home ... Shop online via credit card, get discounts and reward points

Bored? Must be detained at home, no mall to go for a walk to Enjoy shopping and Relax as usual. But you know, in a crisis there is a chance, currently, both branded and non-branded products are on sale, discounted, free giveaway greeting hot season. So being bored at home or after completing the Work from homework, come and give yourself a reward. With online shopping via credit card. Then why shop with a credit card? Because shopping with a credit card has many good things.

Promotion from the use of cards

Promotion from the use of cards from many online stores including various restaurants. Will give additional discounts if using the participating credit cards in the purchase according to the specified conditions. Unnecessarily cutting any additional points. Why use cash or transfer money?

Reward points for reward redemption

The more you shop, the more you get. Some promotions have X2 X3 points. There are often promotions to be checked. Didn't want to flourish that whole movie ticket, vacuum cleaner, Luggage has never been paid because of the credit card points used to redeem them.

Accumulated points can be used as discounts

Many websites can use them as additional discounts. Sometimes you can buy products that have already been discounted and you can still use the points on the card as an on top discount.

Convenient and safe 

If you want anything, just pick up your favorite SCB credit card and fill out the required information. And now various online selling websites Also have security systems such as OTP notification via mobile phone to confirm identity again in addition, if using the SCB Connect service, swiping right away will have a warning message immediately allowing us to check the accuracy in real-time.

Easily check monthly expenses

Because every spending via credit card is recorded and reported on the invoice, and today is even more convenient because you can check your transactions easily via SCB Easy App at any time, which can be used to view expenses. It's easy to see how much each month we spend. Which helps in financial planning easier as well

Use before paying later

Using a credit card is like having used items for a month before paying money. In addition to not having to pay any interest If we pay the full credit card Interest is not bad. Plus accumulate points to exchange for items as well. Called wise, smart spending, real money management

Free travel insurance 

If you buy plane tickets through all types of SCB cards, get it for free. Travel insurance This year cannot travel anywhere, keep using. The following year, the benefits have not disappeared anywhere. Planning a trip next year, don't forget to use an SCB credit card to pay for the ticket.

Create financial credit 

Using credit cards with discipline Able to build a good financial credit history for us as well in the future, if wanting to borrow, buy a house, buy a car, then the bank checks history, we will have good credit as a guarantee.

It's easier to buy large items

Sometimes we may need to buy high-priced items. But we don't have enough cash or don't want to use all available cash Credit cards can help us buy things that are expensive. Without having to wait to collect money While also being able to change the payment amount to monthly installments as well or sometimes with a 0% installment program for another reward, it's still normal This kind of value doesn't work.

Emergency, money shortage

Need to buy things like Various appliances. Credit cards can help you breathe. Without having to bother to borrow from anyone


Worth using like this If you have an SCB credit card but don't really use it but keep it at home or just leave it in your wallet, it's time to pull it out. Because it's only worth it Using credit cards wisely, you will not miss out on a variety of promotions, whether tasting or shopping. The more points you accumulate, the more rewards you receive that match your lifestyle. Track promotions and benefits. Including viewing the list of prizes at