Easy-to-make menu, save money and time, safe, not risk of disease

During this critical crisis, one thing that everyone can do to stop the outbreak is to keep in the house. Go out as little as necessary. Then what to do about eating? Going to the market often is not good. Ordering delivery often will waste money. But if you must sit and cook yourself every meal, then waste time also. Even at home, work must be done. Because most people are now working from home. Today we have a menu that is easy to make but can be eaten as many meals. Do not waste time doing it often but delicious and has complete nutritional value.

1.Chinese Vegetable Stew

It is another menu that is easy to make, as the name suggests. At one time bought a variety of vegetables and meat. Or can be boiled like vegan, another delicious way. The ingredients are very easy, soy sauce, seasoning sauce, coriander root, garlic, pepper. Boil over a large pot. It can eat the whole family, can keep many meals, because the longer the more delicious. The broth is even meatier. Both delicious and get vitamins from a variety of vegetables

2 .Boiled rice with side dishes

Boil the boiled rice over the large pot. Porridge is good because it can be eaten with a variety of dry things. Whether they are small fish, crispy lettuce, pickled salted eggs, Chinese sausage, crispy pork, shredded pork, sweet radish. Or even the menu that is super easy to make like an omelet. Which all the dishes Many things do not need to be made just buy and eat. Or something fried a lot can be saved in the fridge and can be warmed up to eat many meals.

3. Pork and eggs stewed in the gravy

Don't just say that it's hard to do. Because now he has instant spice powder, which is just tearing the envelope, boiled egg, pork, chicken, any meat you like can be delicious Pa-lo is pretty good, getting both proteins from eggs and meat that is important, longer, more delicious and richer. Can eat many meals, save many baht

4.Sour curry

Another menu that more cooked, the more delicious. While also providing complete nutrition including vegetables and meat, vitamins, and proteins. Who doesn't want to strike their own curry? Can buy instant curry paste according to the style that is convenient for each house

5. Pickled lettuce soup with spareribs

The more days, the more tender the stewed pork bones are sifted and delicious. Affordable but delicious and can eat often.

ุ6. Tomato Sauce Spaghetti

Don't be shocked that it is Western food. Because there are many ready-made spaghetti sauces for many brands. Once the sauce has been brought to boil, mix with minced meat. Minced pork or chicken to your liking. Add a little olive oil and can add a delicious flavor with dried Italian spices that are sold in bottles General according to the supermarket. Followed by cheese powder will be even better. Boil it over a large pot. Refrigerate for several days. When hungry, just leave the noodles in the spaghetti and then dip the sauce over. Delicious, no need to reconcile the restaurant.

7. Roast pork, beef or chicken

Loaded with protein for a long time. Delicious and not bored. We do not have to make our own sauce to waste time. Buy instant baking powder no more than 20 baht per pack. It is delicious like a professional. But if still not satisfied, then add oyster sauce or seasoning sauce as you like, plus a little more pepper.

8. Sun-dried pork or beef

With the process of drying in the sun for one time, like preserving food already When fried, it can be stored for many days. Sometimes, not freezing the refrigerator is not gone bad yet. Eating with steamed rice is also delicious, or it can be eaten with boiled rice.

9. Rice congee mixed with meat

It can be pork porridge, seafood porridge or chicken porridge, whatever. Made separate soups and rice separately. Save in the refrigerator for several days to eat.

10. Chicken or beef soup with vegetable

The longer this menu, the more vegetables, onions, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, the more tender they are decomposed. The meat is delicious and tender. Stir fry meat a little before boiling with vegetables, adding more aroma. Can be frozen in the fridge for many meals both delicious and healthy

Detaining to work at home and cooking delicious and healthy food by yourself can save you both money and time while also doing it yourself don’t have to worry about the cleanliness.