Do you know that AI is closer to you than you think?

In the past, many of us might not even have an idea that human beings will be able to talk face-to-face in a long-distance communication or our health can be reported in detail through a wristwatch.

Similarly, nowadays, you can never be certain if the end of the line answering your calls or messages is human or not. Especially, in the past 5 years, “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) started to be widely talked about and it has become “closer to people” day by day, closer than we think. This is because AI has numerous abilities. It acts as a data processing system within the organization, a voice recognition system, auto-reply messages all the way to Google search or Facebook advertisements. These are the work of AI.


AI is modeled to imitate the behavior of humans. At the same time, it does certain activities better than humans do. Nowadays, AI is categorized in to 3 groups according to its ability, namely:

1) Narrow AI is expertise in certain fields with an ability superior to a human being. For example, AI-Assisted Robotic Surgery.

2) General AI is an AI with the same level of ability as human beings. It touches objects and communicates with human language. It detects patterns of the situation and adapts to the changing environment with similar efficacy as humans.

3) Strong AI is an AI with an ability that is superior to human beings in many ways. It learns human emotions, plans, and solves problems. It can easily complete these tasks better and more effectively than humans. However, in the present, Strong AI is not widely spotted.

As for the business section, International Data Corporation (IDC) in the United States of America reveals that 67% of worldwide business in several manufacturing has started a plan to bring AI technology to develop their business in the next 5 years from now and estimates the cost worldwide in 2020. As for the purchase of AI, the cost will be around 7.76 ten billion US dollars or increased three folds compared to that of 2018. The popular systems that are mostly used in the business section are database learning and big data processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and virtual assistant service.

An example would be the world-renowned brand that is successful in adapting AI systems into their business like Amazon Echo from Amazon. It is a device that clearly reaches human beings from the voice command system through electronic devices within houses. It also includes answering general questions, searching information online, purchasing goods, forecasting weather as well as learning user’s behavior.

Another example is from a world’s class brand originated in China like Alibaba. It solves the domestic problem of excessive trash due to a large number of citizens within the country through the Alipay application, the mobile banking service. By taking AI technology and Virtual Reality (VR) technology to create a garbage sorting program, it can automatically identify the types of trash just by scanning through a mobile phone.

Back to Thailand, Siam Commercial Bank or SCB is one the first business that adapts AI technology to Digital Lending in which “Mae Manee Digital Lending” is able to approve lending within 15 minutes at the interest rate of 1.59% monthly or 19% yearly. It is developed with AI technology and Machine Learning by using behavior to analyze and decide the approval of lending to match the needs of each customer in both the financial amount and appropriate loan term as well as studies from the behavior of entrepreneurs, who are the target, from platforms like Lazada and Amazon.

Many people believe that AI will not stop in the future. It will be constantly developing and will establish convenience for a human being so much so that we cannot imagine. Like in the past…things that we could not fathom really happen in the present!