Money is matter for 40+ rejuvenation

After reached age 40, it’s hurt every time when looking in the mirror. Why I go this far?  Even worse when compared with the 10 years old photo when I was still a young girl, how old I am? It’s hurt even more when I must take pictures with all those young girls in my office. Because it is so obvious that who the oldest person and most people also like to call women in my age “old lady”. This is hurt.

No matter that when we were young how pretty we were. Over time the real winner is the person who stays young in the longer period, so-called "time cannot hurt them" Everyone will appreciate their consistent beauty and the ability to maintain themselves to look young. On the other side of the ring, many 40 ++ women are mentioned like "before she was beautiful, very cute and slim, but now… Would not have to ask if most women would like to be talked about in which way? Of course, every woman wants to be long-lasting beauty. But will stay young like that, must take care of herself regularly, seriously and must be done forever! After age over forty, collagen says goodbye, growth hormone is hard working, Increased weight increase sharply, sagging on the face was clearly seen. Starts from uneven facial skin, untightening pores, wrinkles on the forehead, deep temples, crow's feet, eyelids falling, black under eyes, traces of aging that are destroying beauty, confidence, happiness, enjoyment in dressing up. We should slow it down, turn to love and take care of ourselves more. Invest with ourselves today, beauty, youth and confidence will come back to us and it won't take long!

Of course, wilt is a natural matter, but today there are modern methods that can help us. We can slow down or even younger up to 10 years. With high tech medical technology, the wrinkles of aging, the sagging is lifted overnight! No surgery, no need to recuperate, completed in less than an hour and went back to work, to live normally. In this article, we will introduce how women age 40+ women can return to a beautiful younger look safely. Must say that both we and those around us have done this and the results are very satisfactory!


Botox injections may be said to be a medical procedure to reduce wrinkles, revitalize the skin and adjust face shape effectively. It’ s the most basic method, the most widespread and important it’s fast to do and, less hurt and safe. In addition, the price is not expensive compared to other methods. So, it is suitable for newbies who have never done before. Try to start at Botox first. The next question is what Botox can help. For forty years old women would say that it is very suitable because Botox is best to remove crow's feet, wrinkles under the eyes, lines on the forehead, wrinkles when frowned and including people with big jaw problems. Botox can help to shape the face to make it look beautiful. As for the price, it depends on where the injection is? how many wrinkles are? In addition, the price also depends on which brand of Botox is used. At present, there are many selections of both U.S.A which have the highest price. One bottle of size 100 U, priced at around 20,000 baht, while a typical Korean 100 U, priced at around 10,000. By Botox U.S.A which is higher price but gives longer treatment results as well. The results can be about 8 - 12 months, while in Korea, can stay for about 4-6 months, depending on the care of each person as well.


Filler is known as the queen of youthful replenishment. Because it helps solve the problem best in ​​the skin that has been firmly restored, including problems under the eyes, deep, temples, cheeks collapse, forehead flat, cut chin, etc., Which girls have these problems? The filler is your most direct answer for you. The goodness of the filler is you get the immediate result after injecting. The skin is youthful and most importantly, it’s safe. Because the filler is a substance Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance that is already present in our skin. But when older, the amount that was once had decreased until almost disappeared. In addition, the filler itself will not accumulate in the body but will gradually dissipate naturally. The injection takes less than an hour and does not hurt because the doctor will spray the anesthetic before. After injections, you can return home to live as normal. In general, there will be no bruising marks, or some cases may have bruises from the needle but will disappear in one to two weeks. Can use makeup to conceal the bruises that occur. The filler is more expensive than Botox, but the treatment results will be longer as well. Which will remain youthful for about 1-2 years? The cost of the injection depends on the symptoms and the injection spot, including the brand that is chosen to use as well. Each type is suitable for each area. For example, if injected under the eyes must use liquid filler. But if the temples or chin injections be used is more solid. The average filler price is 1 CC, approximately 15,000 - 20,000 baht. For example, injections under the two eyes, 1 CC, injection of two temples, 2 CC, try to add the price together.

High Intensity Focus Ultrasound: HIFU

For those who have sagging skin problems, unshaped facial structure and don’t have a lot of budget and scare of the needle, HIFU is the right choice for you. Because when compared to other non-needle lifting machines, HIFU is the least painful and the lowest pay. But the result is only about 4-6 months, so must do often. But the good thing is when doing is not a lot of pain. The doctor will only use a pack of ice cubes to make your skin num, then can shoot and no needle marks like Botox and fillers. But doing HIFU must be calm because it will see the full treatment results in 1 month. The face shape is shaped up, cheeks and eyebrows will lift. The cost of making a HIFU depends on the area of ​​treatment. Some clinics will charge a separate price, such as above the eyebrows, central face, the lower part of the face is under the nose and under the neck. In which each zone may shoot about 300 shots, which on average 300 shots, the price is about 10,000 baht. If you find a very cheap price, such as 3,000 baht, then ask to notice that it may use low-quality machines. Made almost ineffective or short-term results, less than two months back


Skin tightening Reduce wrinkles by ultrasound down to the upper muscle layer under the skin. The same level as surgical surgery to lift the face to lift. By this ultrasound wave will be transformed into heat which makes the original collagen fibers that are sagging, shrinking, firmer. And stimulates the production of new collagen, makes the skin look youthful naturally without surgery. it sounds like HIFU because it uses the same ultrasound. But Ulthera is a machine from America, while HIFU belongs to Korea. Ulthera will give better results and last longer. The result of treatment is 1-2 years, but the price is much higher as well. For the whole face will cost around 60,000 Baht. But as I said, once paid, the result will remain up to two years. Do not have to do often. But the long-lasting result comes from the intense waves. So, want to be beautiful, must get hurt a bit. Ulthera is more painful than HIFU, but it's not too much to be able to tolerate. So, who has very sagging skin problems but without the problem of facial fat, including do not want to waste time doing frequently, Ulthera is the ideal choice.


Is another way to reduce wrinkles, lift, tighten the face and create collagen to the skin without surgery and without needle as well as HIFU and Ulthera.But different than Thermage uses radio waves to generate heat under the skin and suitable for people with a lot of facial fat. Because Thermage helps to reduce the fat on the face better than Ulthera that will be more prominent on specific points. Thermage is as high price as Ulthera and its America's technology as well. The same treatment result is 1-2 years. The average price of all over the face is about 60,000 baht, and the same as Ulthera can see the full treatment results within 3 months. While doing, it hurts as much as Ulthera, so which one to choose between Thermage and Ulthera just look at the problems. Whose problem with the fat on the face choose Thermage. Who was thin but began to be sagging, the eyelids fall, the cheeks fall, then choose Ulthera.

From all the suggested medical methods above Is only part of the science in aging.
But all 5 items that are selected are suitable methods for lifting, reduce wrinkles that are safe and suitable for the problems of the 40 years old women. Some can do together, for example, we can inject Botox to remove the wrinkles under eyes at the same time with filler injections under the eyes, cheek grooves. Or do a HIFU and Botox at the same time, depending on the consideration of the specialist doctor.

If you read until this paragraph, you may think this is too expensive to do. Or some people might say that they have seen ads from some places that are cheaper than we told here. I want to emphasize here that our faces our body, don't risk it just for the sake of the price. It will not be worth the danger. Please choose a reliable clinic, use genuine drugs, use high-quality tools. Choose a doctor with expertise and high experience. Before deciding to do it, study a lot of information and read many reviews. The clinic that uses genuine products and has a good doctor, good workmanship, usually has a high service fee but that is worth the money paid.

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