Top 10 Prosperous Professions in the 21st - 22nd Century

In the digital world where the new generation is a digital native Born with technology and able to use technology naturally from a young age. Technology plays an increasingly important and intelligent role, such as artificial intelligence causing many of our human jobs to be replaced by computers. Including English proficiency, skills will not be a strength or an advantage anymore because in the future most of the world's population, including the new generation of Thai children, can use English as their mother tongue. But at the same time, careers that emphasize human skills or soft skills, as well as those that focus on creativity and strategic planning that technology cannot replace humans, are likely to play an increasingly important role in the future as well.

Another factor that is important to the demand for labor in the future world is the emergence of an aging society. This has resulted in greater demand for occupations related to caring and serving the elderly. Let's look at what careers will be in demand in the world now and in the future. so that we can plan education for our children or even develop our own potential to be able to adapt to the changing world of labor. Let's see which careers are easy to find, have a good income, and are in demand in the future market.

1. Software developer

Technology has become a key factor in helping businesses survive and stay active. Software development jobs are in demand in the market. And with the trend of developing new software systems, new applications come out continuously the prospects for this career are therefore quite bright and in high demand.

2. Robotics engineer

Engineer is still a profession that never goes out of fashion. But robotics is one field with a very bright future. Because economic activities in each sector, from warehousing, logistics, smart farming, or manufacturing (manufacturing), etc., all tend to apply robotic automation together.

3. Cybersecurity

The many activities of today's human beings have to be done through digital systems. Whether it is a financial transaction online shopping communication and keeping various records. Preventing digital identity theft is essential in today's world and will become increasingly important in the future.

4. Project manager

It is one of the professions that, in addition to requiring specialized skills, Still relying heavily on soft skills. Because in addition to having to know the details of the project thoroughly Still need to communicate, coordinate, create a teamwork atmosphere and manage various factors within the team to achieve the project goals as a set. And if working from home (WFH) becomes the new normal, the ability to be a good project manager will play an even more important role in an environment where everyone works remotely.

5. User experience (UX) researcher

To have marketing activities either on the application or on the website. Content creation and applying creativity in project development, building a brand or product that meets or exceeds customer expectations depends on customer data both in terms of quality and quantitative power. Which customer experience researchers with the ability to research Process raw data Being able to communicate the results of the study in a systematic and easy-to-understand manner will complement this success.

6. Analyst

Those who can analyze, interpret, and apply research results effectively are not the same researchers but the analysts. At the same time, although robots or advanced software can process some raw data better than humans. Especially the numerical data but interpreting skills Scenario analysis and communicating the results are still good human jobs. And it's even more important in the age of rich information.

7. E-commerce specialist

The online commerce system is becoming increasingly important to both entrepreneurs and consumers. Because it will help entrepreneurs to send messages to consumers more efficiently.

8. Care giver

The fact that societies in many countries, especially Thailand, have an increase in the proportion of elderly people to the overall population is called Aging Society. Care for the elderly will play an increasingly important role. And with the children being beset and oppressed from work more and more that they do not have time to take care of the elderly in the family by themselves. Or many elderly people do not have children as a result, the demand for services from caregivers of the elderly is increasing.

9. Mental health counselor

The world of work and business in the future will be more competitive. And many other factors that come to beset the lives of people in this highly accelerated digital age. It will make people more mentally ill. and with greater knowledge and exposure to mental illnesses This makes a career in mental health counseling is another career that is very interesting to watch.

10. Creative director

Creative director: One of the decisive factors that any project (Whether it's an advertisement or a marketing campaign) to be popular or not is creativity. A good creative director isn't just about having creative skills. But it also needs to be skilled at screening creative ideas from team members and applying them to team projects appropriately. They also need to manage and control the quality of creative work effectively. This career plays an important role in any business or project that requires a creative focus.

Although technology will play a greater role in the work or can replace human labor in certain types of work. But there are still many tasks that robots or machines cannot perform like humans. when looking at the picture of the labor market and the demand in the future world We can lay the foundation for our children, including ourselves, to remain in demand in the market. We can lay the foundation for our children, including ourselves, to remain in demand in the market. In today's world and the world of tomorrow is changing rapidly and there is fierce competition. May cause stress and bring on the sickness that will follow. Having health insurance is a necessity that gives us peace of mind. The more you rush to act at a young age, the more you have an advantage because insurance premiums are cheaper and your health is still good, resulting in complete coverage. Interested in health insurance, learn more at here.