5 Golden Rules for the Effective “Work from Home”

Nowadays, technology and the internet allow visual and verbal communication to happen in just a click, expanding working beyond office premises. Many organizations offer employees to “Work from Home”, an alternative to save resources in office as well as a solution in case of any emergency that causes employees to be unable to travel to their respective offices. Nevertheless, Work from Home has become a challenge for office workers to keep up their performances since it must be as productive as how they work in their offices. And here are the 5 Golden Rules that will aid office workers to work effectively from home.

1. Set the working zone

It would not be a good idea to reply to an email or group chat on the couch in front of the television. It would not be good to work at the dining table either. To set a working zone that is clearly separated from other parts of the household will allow a better concentration when working. If there is no study room in a house, setting up an area by using resources or furniture in the house would work too. Also, do not forget to inform family members that it is a working area, so they would not intrude and disturb.

2. Castaway distractions

The sound of neighbors talking, car engines or television programs that dad and mom are watching. They can snatch away concentration while working. Distracting noises are all around and listening to soft music from earphones can help to improve concentration. Apart from that, let family and friends know that concentration is highly required for work despite being at home. Therefore, they should not enter the working zone or give a call during operating hours. When family members and friends understand and are clarified about the duration of work from the very beginning, all can stay and work at home without problems.

3. Proceed according to the plan

Discipline is very much required when working from home. Every office worker will have to be ready in front of their computers or laptops at the same time every day. The working schedule has to be clear. This includes coffee breaks for employees to relax. Work-from-home personals then proceed strictly according to the plan, cut themselves from all distractions at home. The best way would be faithful to the schedule as what they always do when working in the office.

4. Be ready to communicate with the team

Working alone from home might create loneliness and stress. Teleconference programmes or chat applications will be the solution to make ones feel that they have a company to exchange ideas and support one another while working. Having working buddies to enquire about work would allow a more effective performance as well.

5. Rest when work is done

The downside of working from home would be the congregation of workspace and personal space. This causes some personals to be overstressed as they are unable to sense the separation between personal life and work life, hence, they cannot seem to stop working. What they should do is, after working hours, keeping all working equipment away from their sights and moving on to do other activities like exercising, watering plants, playing with pets, watching movies, or cooking instead. This is to reduce stress and recharge themselves to be ready for work the next day.

Even though working from home is a new thing in Thailand, both organizations and their employees will have to be readily adapted to unexpected events while maintaining discipline and work effectively as an emergency can always happen.

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