A Secret of Salary Bank Account: An Untold True Story

It is hard for most office workers like us to deny that we do not countdown to the day that our salary will be paid to extend our lives for another month. But, have you ever doubt? Why must our company tell us to open a bank account to transfer our monthly salary to our accounts? Does the company get any benefits from the bank? What about employees like us? Do we gain any advantages from doing so? Our accounts that receive income from the company every month actually have some hidden benefits that nobody tells us about. Only now that I realize that there is an untold story about the bank account. Allow me to focus on the benefits that you will enjoy from having SCB bank account as my company asks their employees to open an account with this bank.


What do we benefit from receiving monthly salary via SCB bank account?

Let me start with the freebies that we will always get. Normally, most credit cards will have annual credit card fees. If the expenses reach the criteria of the bank, ones might be spared from these fees. However, if you open the SCB bank account, you do not have to bother about the fees as it is free-of-charge throughout your working years until you quit the job.

After working for a certain period, there is a development in a career, many people dream of owning a house or a car. Nevertheless, an application for bank credit is not easy. There is no guarantee that we will get what we ask for. This problem will be solved with SCB bank account. SCB offers great deal of loan that is easily approved and gives special interest rate, which is lower, to their customers. In case of emergency, that income does not match expenses, be at ease. SCB offers a deal that customers can apply for instant cash or lump sum money for personal use through SCB Easy App. It is very easy and convenient. Moreover, the interest rate is exceptionally low that others would be jealous.

For those who are able to save money for future usage, which is a highly recommended practice, you are suggested to open fixed deposit accounts, ranging from 3, 6 to 12 months, through SCB EASY App. You will be accounted for higher interest rate than what others receive. You might also want to invest on mutual funds of asset management companies of your choice through the very same application. Even if you are a beginner in investment, you need not worry. SCB investment specialists will guide and help you to choose suitable funds to maximize chances for future rewards.

Company welfare may include healthcare, but many of the times, company welfare does not cover the expenses fully. The majority of people, thus, solve this problem by buying health insurance to feel safe and the price of the insurance is quite costly. Worry not, if you have SCB account. One of the benefits of having SCB account is that you can purchase health insurance and are given up to 30% cashback from first-year interest. Besides, you can choose to pay 0% installments for 3 months with SCB credit card. Personal accident insurance also has special insurance premium with low expense, but high protection.

Not only that, but SCB bank account also gives a birthday present on our birth month in the form of discounts for many retail shops in EASY Bonus via bank application.  Fill our birth month with joy and celebration to our heart content with these gifts from SCB.

Now we know that receiving a salary through SCB bank account has such wonderful benefits. Do not let these slip away from our hands. For those whose company does not specify on which bank their employees should open an account with, but have SCB as an option, you can inform the human resources department that you would like to receive your payment through SCB account for all the benefits. However, if your company have other specific banks that they would like you to use, you might want to ask the human resources department if there are any benefits given. If the benefits are not attractive, you might want to suggest a change of bank to SCB and you can be sure that good things are coming.