Build a strong team towards the New Normal era

In the New Normal era, working from home became the norm. By communicating through modern technology. From situations that force meeting and interacting with each other less, It's possible to build strong teams that can work together effectively. Everyone on the team should have the following qualifications:


Teamwork is a relationship, and every relationship is based on trust.
If everyone on the team trusts each other, this will ensure that If one person on the team says they will do something, that person will do it. But if people in the team do not trust each other There will be surveillance that the other party is working or not. Or work alone Which all adversely affect teamwork

Building trust in teams It may begin with a collaboration plan. Team goal setting the measure of success and reporting on work progress on a regular basis. This will not only help build trust in the team. It also encourages more communication.



When current technology connects every People from all over the world can attend together without time, place, and seat restrictions. The team that used to have only a handful of people grew larger. Getting to know your coworkers better should be coupled with openness and acceptance of individual differences. Whether it be character, idea, value, culture, or even a way of communication. All of which are unique to each person who has different basics of life.

Acceptance of who the individual is Can start easily with an open mind to listen to different opinions and understand that in their opinion, they cannot be wrongly judged. Instead, it shows the strength of brainstorming to push the team further.



Working together as a team inevitably leads to interactions.
Self-awareness helps keep you up to date with your emotions or worries. And control himself to express his feelings properly Without affecting the work of the team or destroying good relationships with colleagues.

One way to improve self-awareness is to listen to your colleagues' suggestions and improve them. Or monitoring your emotions during work will also help. If you find yourself angry, frustrated, upset, take a moment to pause before speaking or deciding to respond. In addition, one of the best things to help relieve stress is getting enough rest. Which is another way to help build emotional stability.


Is to deal with changes that occur quickly and efficiently. It's one feature that many people automatically create when faced with a crisis. It is an effort to keep ourselves, teams, and organizations through the worst possible situations. But how to make this feature a part of the team forever? Therefore, Agility is possible, requiring the cooperation of everyone on the team. With brainstorming Effective communication for mutual understanding. The ability to modify strategies according to the situation. Making timely decisions and commitment towards a common goal Which is how to deal with change.

5.Conflict Resolution

No matter how strong the team is Conflicts may arise. How to resolve a conflict can start with knowing what each person on your team needs. Listen and try to understand from each other's perspective. And trying to compromise to find a solution together. In this situation, Emotional use should be avoided as it can lead to misleading issues and may make wrong decisions. In addition, when the results have been concluded together You should make sure that it does not conflict with the intended purpose of the job.



Another feature that makes a team strong is not to give up even if it fails. Whether encountering obstacles or problems Is ready to start all over again.

A team that is mentally strong Will be convinced that everyone in the team will help each other get the job done. With each person understanding what the team is doing, know your role, and how to best support the team. Ready to modify or change along the way. Know the skills and abilities of your teammates and encourage them to be used for success. And in the end, if you meet with failure Everyone in the team was ready to stand up and fight together again.

Working in different locations, not meeting each other will not be a problem. If everyone works together to build a strong team. When a team is strong, it is a solid foundation that leads the organization to its goals under any circumstances.