Explore job market trends for new college graduates. What is the booming career!

After intensive education with over 16 years to graduate and took a lot of awesome photos with a graduation day. Just for a while, I am cheerless when the family and friend asked. "Did you get a job?"

However, among that unemployed graduates, there are also new graduated people that were welcomed to the working world. Some of them were almost carried form college to the office desk. The survey result by global recruitment companies and organizations confirms about the job market trends that are in high demand.

ManpowerGroup says the "IT" line has been the hottest career for the past five years. And not only in Thailand. But also consistent throughout the world. Because many companies brought technology to use to increase the efficiency of work like; Artificial Intelligence (AI), FinTech, Digital Payment, Cloud System, Big Data, Blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT).

Have you ever open the online shopping website, check hotel price and check air ticket promotion every time when you have a free time before start working? Because of this popularity, IT workers in the e-commerce business also surpassed the curve. Especially the tourism and service industries will be continuing a rising star for many years. Check out the new online service rising around us. They are all the foreign companies that opened the business. 

Take a lot of office space downtown. Every time the new businesses opened they need IT people to build systems and use the technology behind the house to handle customers like us.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), by 2025, machines and AI would replace 71% of human jobs, resulting in 133 new jobs. At the same time, by the year 2022, the old jobs around 75 million people will be replaced. When compared, AI will play a bigger role. It also promotes the creation of new jobs. This is a challenge to human workers to adapt to the technology to keep yourself to be is desired for the market.

There is also a tendency to change the dimension of the workplace that does not have to be limited to a fixed area. When Technology can make people work from anywhere in the world. And the more popular the short-term employment contract matter to the new Thai labor force. If they have the knowledge in the high demand job, can be launched to the world labor market, don’t have to work just in Thailand anymore.

Another area that is still fragrant is "sales work" or that requires negotiation skills, business development and business analysis. Including technical sales such as engineering sales, pharmaceuticals, but this group will have a high turnover. If you can drive sales higher, the opportunity to be flirted with other company in the same field will increase as well with increased compensation.

Career that get a good pay is "Engineering". Although the demand is high, to find the perfect person to the right job. Getting people to fill each position is often costly. Because must exchange with in depths skills. Such as Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Road Transport Engineer and engineers in the system of signaling the train and control signals

Nowadays The government is launching a new railway project that covered throughout Bangkok and widen the high-speed train to the provinces. Do not have to say that how high the new graduates in this field will be in demand.

Skilled labor "Technician Jobs" continues to make fresh graduates from vocational education is also always wanted. Same as "account and finance" group that various organizations must rely on them to analyze the management of investment soaring. There are several specialized groups that will be increasingly needed, such as tax specialists with Certificate Public Account (CPA) certification.

Finally, the job that will make a new graduated radius grip is career that requires knowledge of "Robotics". To work with robots and automation systems such as robots and automation to new plants. Or to update an old system for an old factory. Also, the job changing every time, income will increase 20-25%, indicating a high demand for the field.

The future, many new challenges will arise. So, do not wait to develop your potential to get the chance to succeed.

Thank you for information from :

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