6 Jobs provide services through the online world: Part 1

Life in 280 characters of 'Twitter admin

Quote “Happiness is to talk to the human world.”

Must have skills 1. Diligent. 2. Witty. 3. Be fast knowledgeable. 4. Team working

Twitter is another popular online communication channel for the businesses, news agency, etc. It became popular after the uncertainty with Facebook.

The product that Twitter has in hand is news and events. But the challenge is the communication must take place under 280 number of characters with 4 more pictures. It means that in addition to short, concise and clear message, you must be able to grab audience attentions from just that short message.

Especially, Twitter accounts with many followers, the admin must work harder and faster both filtering, selecting and checking news and information enormously. Like the admin at MThai that has more than 1.7 followers.

Especially some news or incidents in which the flooded data flow, the admin must always think before reporting. In a limited time, must check the truth. Or some information is fishy. Then must check again and again and check back to the source.

“Sometimes the news or events that feel it tense, can find some jokes and insert in the message same as telling friend a story. This will make the reader feel like reading more news from us. But it depends on the character of each organization to identify how much joke we use. "ม่

The low cost of Twitter compared to other media we may say that it’s a charm or the pros of Twitter. But with the limitation of the character. It has become a short-lived reporting format that is easy read and understand. It is also consistent with the news-reading habits of the new generation.

“But the important point the most often mistake that admin make is typo error. Sometimes we depend on mobile phone for communication and must send out the message quickly through small keyboard in the mobile phone that easily to make a mistake.”

The key to success is mistake can happen sometime but don’t be one man show. The more people follow the accuracy and teamwork are even more important. Diligence do not have to mention it because it is the first property that admin must own.

Because discussing and telling this story must be a fast-knowledgeable person. Also including diligence to seek new knowledge always. The 280-character space reflects the fullness of the data.

But if asked are they happy? The answer is absolutely.

The joy of being an admin is something like talking to another human being.
By talking with more people, we have seen more and learn more stories.
Another is to tell others what is wrong or right in many matters or information that the reader should know more. Help people have a better understanding of the reported news and give them a positive power or positive view of the world. This make the admin happier. "

Admin of cosmetic page – Beauty that you

Quote “There is no fixed answer for cosmetics.”

Must have skills: 1. Cosmetic Expertise 2. Deep knowledge of marketing 3. service mind 

Many people who are looking for a good cosmetic, how they will be looking for? Good item that a friend recommended? Try to buy yourself? Or read reviews in the internet?

Facebook becomes a channel that many cosmetic brands use as a sale channel. 
You can dip your favorite lipstick instantly. No need to look at the cosmetics counter in the mall anymore.

If you think of the admin page, will think of the people sitting in front of the computer and answer questions in in box day by day but it does not apply to cosmetic pages because the admin is also a beauty advisor in the same time.

Khun Kevalin Napromkhan or Khun Pim, beauty page admin said that cosmetics are delicate, so I must spend time carefully. For example, skin tone, preferred texture, including the customer original skin condition. This foundation gives the skin a grow looking so it’s good for dry skin. This compact power has a good oil control effect so it’s good for oily skin. Something like these I must memorize because it’s a knowledgebase that I have.  

It’s important when customers have questions about the beauty.
and no matter what question, we must be able to give advice and solve the doubt. 

By wearing a brand character in a harmonious way and reply with polite and show willingness to serve - through letters.

We also need to create a way to sell that can make customer to stay and buy with us by catching with the events to bring benefits. For example, in the summer, many girls may have problem with the cosmetic that cause oily face. Thus, if we can recommend the cosmetic that can solve the problem, the brand can be impressed by customer.

Read others chat conversation in Joylada

Quote “Joy writing is like creating a work of art. The writer must convey character traits, context in the plot and issues that wants to communicate through short conversation.”  

Must have skills: 1. Visualize 2. Communicate creatively 3. Can write any where

Imagine yourself reading a novel on a holiday. The thick fiction book was opened page by page is floating in the head. But in this bear face society book is slowly replaced with smart phone and tablet. The writer must adapt to this. And the one who is the leader is Joylada application. It invites the reader to secretly read other people chat conversation in the fiction.

What is Joylada?

Joylada is a new Thai Nationality platform. It’s an application that open space for people to write novels and read novels.  Even it ‘snot the first platform, what makes Joylada stand out better is the format and conditions of writing that different. Allows writers to be able to write anywhere. It would be on the BTS, during lunch or in the toilet, you just need a smart phone. The writing in Joy Lada will be in the form chat conversations between the characters. The chat between characters will bounce up. How fun the content is depending on how the writer designs the story.

The Joy Lada’s novelist, username “Winterinparis” or Khun Thapanee Subpayasan, who has total 100 million joy of Joylada novel said that “Writing Joy is like creating an art one. The writer must convey character traits, convey the context in and the point is to be able to communicate through just a short conversation.”

Although, Joy fiction will take a shorter time than a typical fiction and no need to use variety of language or sentence connections, the hard part of this work is how make people feel more than read or more than sit and watch the characters talk. But they will feel like they are in the chat.

How to write a fun joy don’t have a fixed principle but it’s depend on the writer style. But to create a fun story with a good dimension, the writer must do a lot of homework. Put the plot and tie it smoothly.

In terms of emotional conveyance, writing joy is not different from writing a novel. The destination is the same but the difference between the way big brother thick novel book and Joy is the book uses the description and conversation alternately, but joy uses pure chat.

Generic fiction creates the reader's emotions, by using long sentences. But for Joylda, it requires a rhythm to release each sentence accurately and gradually create a mood for the reader to feel "

Can writing Joylada be a career?

text in the novel is read. But the number of joy is a hundred million, it does not mean that writers will make a lot of money.

For example, in one month, people have read our novels until the joy of two hundred thousand Joy, we will receive 1 baht. If this month we have 20 million Joy, we will make 100 baht. " To make people read a lot of like that, it's not easy and not too difficult as well. For some writers who has a good writing, well-known and have a good number of subscribers. No matter how many joy opened they will be read. Then that writer will have a lot of joys.

But most Joylada’s writers do not care only about the income. 

Lada as a hobby because writing joy is fun. This is a stress relief activity for some writers.
Include to spend the free time usefully because they just want to write more than to make it a stable career.

 “Joy writing creates social"

If some writers already have followers, when post story then people will make comments and then create a conversation that convert to a small society on internet. 

When money from Joy Lada, is only enough to buy a small snack. So, if you want to make money from the Joylada fiction, you will need to make a book.

The latest updated, the reading through chat in the novel has become more and more popular so multiple applications are finding out writers to work with them and. push into a career. So, start motivating, the trial of the system to collect money from readers, advertising or inviting dollars to encourage writers.

"When a deposit reaches 100 baht, will be transferred to a bank account automatically. The writer can also will use this to save the money as well.