Change credit card to cash into account solution for unemployed people who do not want to reconcile

The hotel was closed. The younger brother was fired indefinitely. Mother walked in to tell me with an anxious expression. "What to do? The car is still in installments. While also ordering a factory to make products to be sold on Amazon. This must pay fifty thousand by the end of this month. " Without paying, the factory doesn't give anything, and that is the only hope now to make money. If you take the money that the company compensated to pay, afraid that there would be no money to use along the way because it takes time to deliver before being able to sell. In this time of crisis, it is hard to find a new job. And the younger brother has always worked in hotels. Which is known as the first business Which has been affected the most? Where to find money to pay for. I was quiet because I alone had not saved much money and do not know the situation itself will turn heads out tails, I would be unemployed like others or not.

Think again and again. How to help? Normally, my brother is the kind who does not like to borrow money from anyone, even myself or relatives. Where can he get money from that he doesn't need to reconcile with anyone. Thinking for a while, I have this idea. "Credit card", change the remaining credit limit from credit card to change to cash, transfer to the account. I have seen this function when paying for the SCB credit card via the EASY App. And familiar that the younger brother has an SCB credit card and is not used because he likes to pay by cash. Before calling my brother, then try to look into the SCB EASY App first to check if it difficult or not?



  • Access the SCB EASY App, then click "My Transactions".

  • After that enter "Account consolidation page", the system will ask to enter the 6-digit pin

  • The system will take us in "Account consolidation page"

  • Slides down to the credit card section. "Click on the card image"

  • Click "Other Services" and select "Dee Jung, transfer money into account"

  • On this page, will choose which account to transfer And specify the amount of money to transfer into the account, which of course must not exceed the remaining credit card limit

  • Choose whether to pay the minimum or full amount. Or will pay monthly installments Which, if choosing monthly installments, can choose between 4,6,8 and 10 months

  • When choosing how to pay Let's say that choose monthly installments. The system will inform that What percentage is the interest rate per month? What is the total payment? How much is the principal? What is the interest? What is the monthly payment? To double-check the information before making a decision

  • After that press "Check detail", the system will summarize the details again which account will be transferred. What is the amount of money to be transferred? How many monthly installments? What is the interest rate How much is the principal? How much interest How much is the monthly payment?

  • If the information is correct, click on the box Accept terms and conditions

  • Click confirm and the money will be transferred to the account immediately!

Incredibly convenient, plus the benefits of using the account transfer service are better to press cash through an ATM without having to pay a 3% cash advance fee. And the full details of the bank's interest rate, how much per percent per month How much will the total payment be? How much is the principal? What is the interest? What is the monthly payment? To check the information again before deciding is very good. Because customers will know all the information from the beginning whether it is a number that they can accept or not.

Very fast and easy Also suitable for the habit of the younger brother who does not like to talk to anyone and does not like anyone to know about personal matters. After having finished playing, call the brother immediately. Which he said is a very good way for him now because the remaining credit limit is enough to pay the supplier. Plus, installments up to ten months. This makes the amount that is not very high to pay, making it easier to expand anything. At that time, things could start to sell or maybe find a new job as well. Because of various situations should be better

For anyone who is having trouble with money, let SCB credit cards change to cash so you have more time to breathe. Do it yourself easily at home via the SCB EASY App. It takes no more than 3 minutes. Cash will be credited to your account immediately. Every crisis, every problem has a solution with us all go through this difficult situation together!