Want to take your child to travel abroad ... How to prepare?

Traveling is a good time. That we can rest from working on a monotonous daily life. And traveling together with the whole family makes this a memorable experience. However, that traveling and taking small children to foreign countries there are details that we need to consider when preparing to travel. In order to make a happy moment until the end of the trip.

1.Pin travel destination

When choosing a travel destination country with young children, 5 important things that are used in the decision making are

  • Tourist attractions for children:
    Aside from the theme park and the zoo that is a child's favorite. It also includes a science museum, museum for children, natural attractions such as ski resorts, glaciers, lakes, hot springs, exotic flower gardens, etc. for children to experience new experiences they have never seen.
  • Security: It is certain that safety in life and property is a top priority. In choosing to travel, if you must keep an eye on your children and be careful from pickpockets, at the same time probably not fun

  • Facilities for children in public:
    For young mothers facilities for small children, such as the baby room for changing diapers and breastfeeding, are important to facilitate the trip to run smoothly. Like in Japan, in addition to the standard baby room, baby room also has hot water to make milk. And in the public restroom, there are child seats in each bathroom. Have the child sit and wait while the mother runs errands. And some places have vending machines selling automatic diapers too. It's called one of the child-friendly countries.

  • Ease of travel: Traveling within that country is an important part of the consideration. In many countries, using the subway, ordinary trains are primarily for travel. Trains in Europe will waive fares for young children * Must think about carrying bags at the same time and push the baby cart as well. Sometimes must connect many trains while carrying the luggage up and down many times.

Using a Grab-Uber taxi or renting a car is a more convenient option. Once you take all the luggage in the back of the car then take a long drive to reach the destination. But must check that the laws on car seat usage as well. Because developed countries in Europe, America, including Japan, Singapore are very strict about car seats for children. For example, in Singapore, you must call GrabFamily Grab Car only because they will provide 1 car seat for free (additional 2 SGD for the 2nd child car seat). If calling a regular car, he has the right to refuse because of the Singaporean law, adjusting the car that the child does not ride the car seat is very strong.

* The age of young children exempted from fares varies by country.

  • Duration of the plane ride: The long flight files are a cause to be exhausted since the trip has not started. Even an adult can be tired or feel sick. The children could be more tired and bored then they can cry a lot. If you can choose a country to fly, a short flight will help save a lot of energy.

2.Accommodation selection

Accommodation facilities for young children naturally want more than tourists all over. Such as a washing machine for washing sloppy clothes, hot water kettle to brew blanched milk, bottles of microwaves to warm food supplements, large fridge to store breast milk stock. Therefore, the apartment that has full kitchen appliances will meet more needs than ordinary hotels. And if many families are together, including grandparents, elder aunts, multi-bedroom apartments with living rooms, dining rooms It is a good option for families to have a good time. together throughout the trip more than hotel rooms that need to be separated sleeping and no central area.

3.Prepare for travel

  • Children under 2 years old are called infant passengers and no need to buy a seat. Will sit on the adult passenger's lap. Parents can contact the airline to request seats for passengers traveling with small children and request Bassinet, a cradle for babies to sleep during the trip.

  • Prepare documents well no hectic- In addition to passports, parents should also keep a copy of their birth certificate in case of the immigration look at the outbound journey as well. Or if family members are not traveling together. For example, a father or mother traveling with children without the other person going with. Especially in cases where the traveling party uses different surnames with a child. Parties that do not travel should go to do a request for a foreign minor permit at the governing District office/district in which they are domiciled.
    For the other party traveling with the child to present to the immigration office at the airport together with a copy of the birth certificate.

  • Prepare children items ready: Items needed for child-rearing on the plane must be included in the carry-on bag, such as milk, food supplements, snacks, baby's favorite toys, coloring paper, spare clothes, diapers, pampert, wet tissues, gel, hand wash, necessary medicine, etc. Other uses can put in the luggage loaded under the carrier. Which the thing that must be prepared is antipyretics, cough drops, nasal secretions, diarrhea medication. In the case of necessary antibiotics that cannot be bought overseas without a doctor's prescription. Portable versions of baby items such as microwave steam sterilizer bags, etc. are indispensable at all. Reducing labor and parents do not have to hold their children all the time while traveling.

  • Rehearsal the child with the experience on the plane- Tell your children about the events that may occur on the plane. Such as loud plane noise, tinnitus, plane falling in the air, etc., will make the child not to be shocked too much when encountering real events while on board the plane.

4.Travel insurance Peace of mind in every situation

Although we plan the trip carefully. But unforeseen events can happen. And insurance travel is to prepare to help lighten the weight. Hundreds of expenses can help us save unexpected big expenses.

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