My baby, when will you come? Mom and dad are waiting. (1)

Today, young people are getting married slowly. And still must work to save money, pay for the car, and pay for the house. Causing the nostalgia of having a golden chain of hearts, still having to wait until sometimes when the "Finance" is ready, but the "body" is not ready anymore. An easy story at a young age when you are thirty years old, it turned out to be very difficult. If nature does not work, scientific methods must come. That is to see a gynecologist who specializes in infertility treatment. That will help those who want to be parents can fulfill.

What is infertility?

If according to the medical definition "Infertility" means a spouse unable to become pregnant. With constant sexual relations and without contraception for a period of 1 year or a period of 6 months in the case of a female spouse who is over 35 years old. Infertility can be caused by both women and men. In women, it is often a problem with the reproductive organs, such as the uterus, ovaries, and others involved. In male sex is a problem with semen. However, in the current social conditions, stress from daily life Including the necessity of work that makes the husband and wife live in different places It also affects infertility, so consulting a doctor will help to fix the problem here.

The first step towards being a parent

When deciding to see a doctor, first must study the initial preparation information. The first thing to know is couples who are treated with assisted reproduction technology must be a spouse legally That is, having a marriage certificate to show to the hospital

After that, it will be the process of blood collection for genetic diseases in the male and female parties. And physical examination initially. In which the male will examine sperm fertility. The woman is an ultrasound to see the uterus and ovaries to see if there are any abnormalities. The physical examination, this procedure will make an appointment on the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle.

Before receiving the baby to appreciate What must be passed?

Most treatments begin with IUI, which stands for Intrauterine insemination, which is to inject the male semen into the female uterus. In which the doctor will select strong sperm Ultrasound looks at the time of ovulation. And injecting the semen into the uterus during the woman's eggs are falling in which the sperm swim to the fallopian tube Increasing the chance of natural blending easier.

The process of doing IUI is not complicated. Beginning with the woman taking egg stimulation pills on the 3rd day of the menstrual cycle. Then, ultrasound looks at the egg size. When the eggs are the right size. The doctor will inject to stimulate ovulation. And when the eggs fall for another 36-40 hours later, the procedure for infection. After that, wait around 14 days. If the menstrual cycle is missing, hurried to find a test for pregnancy tests Waiting to see whether to double up or not?

The IUI method is the closest to the natural method. However, helping with the IUI pregnancy method has a 10-30% chance of success. And have a chance of getting twins if more than one egg falls but if anyone who treats with this method has not succeeded Still can fulfill with other methods of treatment that will be discussed in the next part.



Note: The content of the article is for basic medical information in general only.