My baby, when will you come? Mom and dad are waiting (2)

Continuing from the previous episode That is about fertility technology helping to fix infertility by using techniques to inject semen into the ant cavity (IUI). If doing IUI up to 3 times and still cannot help to achieve, the doctor will change the method using more advanced technology. Which is to do "IVF" Eggs and sperm for external fertilization-embryo. Then put the embryo back into the uterus allowing the embryo to bind to the uterine wall to become pregnant in the end. IVF (In Vitro 

IVF is more complicated than doing IUI, and the woman must get hurt a lot. Since stimulating the ovaries to produce large numbers of eggs using injections Injected into the abdominal area of ​​the ovary, left and right, once a day, alternating for 10-12 days. In which this patient must inject herself and must inject the same time every day. The medication must be stored in a conventional refrigerator. If having to go outside must put the medicine in the ice bucket to keep injecting with it If you fear that the needle will lose all rights.

After that, it comes to the process of collecting eggs. Which will be done after ovarian stimulation injection Then injecting hormones to stimulate the egg to fall 35-37 hours before the egg collection process to be done in the operating room the doctor will use the device to suck eggs from the ovaries out of the vagina. With mild sedation/anesthesia Some people say it hurts a little. Some people say that sleep does not matter, does not hurt at all.

On the day that the woman collected the eggs, the male went to collect sperm. Then the nursing lab will mix with the eggs of the woman for external fertilization Become an embryo the embryo will be fed to grow for 3-5 days, then the doctor will move the embryo back into the uterus and implant. Can choose whether to put one, two or three characters at once. If lucky, all the embryo implants will get three twins. The remaining embryos are frozen and stored for the next time if the first embryo is unsuccessful.

However, before putting the embryo back into the uterus with advanced scientific procedures, the embryo can be used to detect chromosomal abnormalities. To detect genetic diseases Like thalassemia or abnormal chromosomal division that causes Down's syndrome and other chromosome defects.

When the embryo has been moved into the uterus the doctor will prescribe hormonal pills, both oral and oral, to help the body facilitate embryo implantation. Which should be eaten and inserted medication on time every day to maintain hormone levels regularly. In the meantime, please relax your mind, do not stress, get enough rest. Do not lift heavy objects, do not exercise hard, refrain from having sex, for example, after moving the embryo for about 10 days, you can take a blood test for pregnancy.

Considerations in choosing a medical facility

  • The reputation of doctors and hospitals

Infertility treatment clinic will be the gynecology department, the public hospital infertility treatment center in the hospital. Private or not Private clinic specialized in the treatment of infertility. Many medical professionals also treat both in the hospital and the clinic.


  • Location

The location of the medical facility that can be easily accessed from home or work. Especially for women because the treatment process must be continued. And must see a doctor many times to draw blood ultrasound, injection, procedure, which cannot be determined many times in advance. Will go only when the physical condition is favorable. For example, to see a doctor to draw blood, an ultrasound must be done on the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle. The procedure for IUI infection must cause the date of ovulation etc.

  • Budget

Most people think that infertility treatment is expensive. Which is not entirely true. The cost of treatment depends on the technology used for treatment. And public hospitals such as Chulalongkorn, Siriraj Hospital. The cost of doing IUI is around 5-8 thousand baht per time. Private hospital prices are around 10,000 - 25,000 baht per time.

In vitro fertilization, the cost price is higher because it is a treatment that has complex medical procedures. IVF, ICSI price in IVF in a public hospital Approximately one hundred thousand baht per round in private hospitals the price is in the range of 2-4 hundred thousand baht. If wanting to detect abnormalities of the embryo There will be additional costs separately. The package cost about 70,000-90,000 baht.

If having a budget for keeping in mind, then choose a hospital that is suitable for the budget set. However, although planning. The cost of treatment is also important. But didn't have to wait to have all the money ready. If there is any interruption in treatment fees or there is a need to use more than planned. The use of personal loans is an option that can be used to pay for treatment at this time. Because the longer you wait, the older you get having children will be more difficult. Treatment with various techniques no matter how advanced the chances of success will be less with age. See SCB Speedy Loan for details. Click .html

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