Low cost kids’ edutainment

By T.Akararat 

There are many places for kids’ entertainment whether exploring nature and wildlife activity or creating visionary and entertainment in sports and adventure. Most new-generation parents want their kids to have fun while learning from all these places but that does not deny the fact that their tickets are pretty high which includes an adult entrance fee, an activity, and equipment price. Also, many parents do not sure about their kids’ fun type. Kids may not like that place and they are wasting their money for free. For many families, they will wait until their children grow older to pay the price and think about how worth it is.   

Today, we suggest 2 places for you to bring your kids and do not worry because they are free and suited for children's development as same as other places. These will be the first step to allow your kids to choose their interests and style in the future! 

The first place is Children’s Discovery Museum Bangkok 1 (Chatuchak) which is located in Queen Sirikit Park, Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd., Khet Chatuchak. This museum has been renovated to be a modern learning center in the “Learning for Young Creative Mind” concept. Believe it or not, this place is suited for every age kid since 0 - 12 years old as they are separated in the following.

Rainbow Building -
a creative area and exhibition for children ages 0 - 6 years with parents in the proper and safe environment, enhancing the development of children in various age groups, especially the garden behind home zone and rainbow city zone. These help improving kids crawl, touch and learn color and shapes. Also, there is a team that will arrange activities and gives advice to parents to observe, take care and participates in the activities. 

Thor Tawan building –  
an area for children ages 7 - 12 years with 12 zones. The most exciting favorite zone for kids is Dino Detective's zone because apart from they can hear the sound and movement of dinosaurs, parents and kids can dig in the sand to find and assemble the pieces of models of dinosaurs' bones. Also, Lakorn Rong Lek (Small theater) zone lets kids interact with a live show, analysis activities and participate in a live show. Moreover, Build Our City zone also has the staff to explain how a good a city plan is and let children summarize from their learning activity and put them back in place.  

This museum also has an Outdoor Activity Area for kids to climb and develop their confidence and build muscle. Besides, there is a Water Play zone for them to learn water energy and play with various water shapes at the fountain area. For more information, please call 02-272-4500 or contact at website  http://www.cdm-bangkok.com/

The second place is NSM Science Square, which is located at Chamchuri Square 4th FL, Pathumwan. This is a hub for children to learn the basics of science and technology in daily life such as electronics, force, and energy. They can experiment and interact with themselves. This place is suited for children from 3 years old to teenagers. The permanent exhibition is the “Science Amusement Park” because every piece needs to have interacted from the audiences whether push, roll, or other then they will see the result which helps them understanding. 

The most attractive zone for kids is the Imaginary Land or the “Blue Block” building which are bricks that were designed by David Rockwell's team, the famous Blue Block American architecture. There are a variety of block shapes and they represent the construction building shapes such as pipes, rails, gears, and hole-shapes which can be assembled with other pieces to create a new shape. This helps children build their creativity and learn to share and cooperate with each other.     

Another highlight at NSM Science Square is Dialogue in the Dark, which is an activity for children to feel and observe from their senses except for sight. All participants will learn body mechanisms and adopt a system of their senses from 7 dark lessons such as adaption with darkness, feel and remember, consumable selection by sense and creating a conversation which is a summary of the exhibition. This is the connecting bridge between eyesight disability and normal person. These activities create new experiences for kids to understand the nervous system and human differences. 

Certainly, there is Science Lab for children experiment such as delicious ice cream, funny chocolate, fancy candle, science powder, a secret jewel with the colorful tower, various color stickers, the volcano, copper with sunlight, DIY creative soap, fun fact electricity, antibacterial gel, and growing yeast and bread. This Science Lab takes around 60 minutes per round with additional cost. For more activity information and cost, please call 02-160-5356 or via Facebook: NSM Science Square.

Additional from our recommended places for developing children skills via interesting activities, the most important thing is kids can adapt themselves to be familiar with edutainment and not only shopping, dining and go home. These help them to improve their listening skills, reading skills and practicing together with their parents. They can walk, talk, and read together. If your kids are not familiar with these edutainment type, do not worry because it can start with kids interesting activity then find another new one and you can take them as many times as you want because it is free! Moreover, children will learn social skills and sharing with others whether queuing, sharing equipment, put them back, be quiet, asking politely, and learn to say thank you. From now on, they will know how to behave themselves because they already learned from here. So, with this information, let's go there and have fun!