Before making an additional contract policy Look at the conditions first

In the decision to buy insurance Aside from having to consider many important factors such as choosing the insurance plan that best suits your needs Calculate the amount of insurance needed Compare insurance policies from many companies. Still must consider other matters in addition to the price, one of them is an additional contract.

After completing the insurance many people are wondering whether to take out insurance today and which day it is covered. If it is the main insurance, the coverage will start from the day the insurance company agrees to the insurance contract. The end of the day will depend on what type of insurance. Such as periodic life insurance Will provide coverage if the insured dies within the specified period If life insurance for life Will provides coverage for the life of the insured etc.

For insurance policies with additional contracts If it is an accident contract, it will cover immediately on the day that the company agrees to guarantee. But if it is a contract regarding compensation, serious illness, medical expenses There will be a waiting period for coverage according to the conditions, the number of days specified in the insurance policy, such as 30 days, 90 days or 120 days, etc.

After insuring One of the main duties of the insurer is to send premiums. There are various methods depending on the financial suitability. Then choose the method of delivery with the insurance company with main insurance premiums that will remain constant throughout the contract.

While there are 2 types of additional insurance premiums, which are the increased premiums based on the risk by a young age Low risk, low premiums Age increases the higher the risk, the higher the premiums must be paid as well. The other is paying a fixed premium throughout the contract period. But this case only applies to unit-linked life insurance policies  

However, regardless of whether the supplementary insurance premium increases with age, it should be done. Because it helps reduce the burden of the insured's illness Accident Hospitalized. Because if the main insurance is only (Did not buy additional medical fees) Cannot claim medical fees

Once the contract has been made, it is necessary to study the details of the insured's right to claim the amount of love as specified in the insurance policy. Because there are cases where there is a doubt as to why they cannot claim as they have paid for their medical expenses

For example, an additional contract states that claims for medical expenses can be paid 3,000 baht per day (up to 125 days). Therefore, if the insured is admitted to the hospital and pays 6,000 baht per day for treatment, they can claim as much as 3,000 baht per day.

For issues that are often misunderstood is not able to claim at all. This may be because the insurer has a history of treatment before taking the insurance and not inform the insurance company on the contract date. Making the treatment of the said disease not covered by the conditions. Therefore, if suffering from this disease after the contract is made, it will not be able to claim the cost of treatment. Or in some cases, it is not possible to claim if they need treatment, such as trying to hurt themselves Cosmetic surgery or AIDS, etc. Therefore, before making an additional contract, must study the details of the conditions that there are exceptions that the insurer cannot claim

Another case is to claim the medical fee but only get a small amount. Which if this happens Shows that the insurer is admitted and discharged from the hospital. And go in to treat again with the same disease within 90 days. The insurance company considers that it is the same treatment, therefore the claim amount will be counted from the first visit. If he was treated again with the same disease.

Such as health insurance, inpatient health insurance (IPD), cost classifications The maximum coverage is 400,000 baht per year, with a maximum reimbursement of no more than 40,000 baht in disease or accident, 3,000 baht in room and food expenses per day (room maximum 125 days) and general medical expenses 30,000 baht per time. etc.

Later became influenza Must be admitted to the hospital from 1 January 2019 and discharged from the hospital on 10 January 2019 with a total medical fee of 35,000 baht, divided into general medical expenses 15,000 baht, room, and meals per day 2,000 baht (10-day room charge, a total of 20,000 baht), the medical expenses will be reduced to 365,000 baht (400,000 - 35,000)

Later, he had to be admitted to the hospital with the same disease, namely the flu since 1 February 2019 and discharged from the hospital on 5 February 2019, with a total medical fee of 20,000 baht. This case was hospitalized with the disease. Same within 90 days. Therefore, medical expenses are still the same limit, 365,000 baht, leaving 345,000 baht (365,000 - 20,000)

But if entering the hospital after more than 90 days prior to leaving the hospital, the company is considered a new treatment. Therefore, the claim amount is counted again.

In life insurance Aside from the main life insurance contract, the insured can also sign additional contracts. In order to expand the special coverage in addition to the coverage from the main insurance policy, therefore should study the information thoroughly Especially the insurance policy conditions for the most benefit from the contract

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