The heart is torn when the baby is hospitalized. Somebody help me

The first morning that I took the intelligent and mischievous little boy to school, that image is still in the memory of a mother like me. A very cheerful little guy walks with a small bag to go on adventures in the new world with curiosity. I was only smiling, and I was glad that he didn’t cry and wanted to go home. But couldn't help being worried that the beloved cornea will encounter or could be able to get along with friends or play naughty and had an accident. But in the end, things went well.

Until one day while I was working at the company, the mobile phone became louder with the name of the child's homeroom teacher. It must have something bad happen at school. I didn’t feel good and answering the phone with anxiety. “

"Your son has a bad fever and now at the hospital, please hurry and go to the hospital quickly. " Is the only sentence I captured from the end of the phone. My ears didn't recognize anything anymore. It felt like a lightning bolt crashing down in the middle of the heart. "You must be fine, my good boy"

I prayed while I hurried to the hospital. I was reminded of the things that the doctor had told me that young children with a high fever should be careful and do not let seizures. Because it may have harmful effects on the brain. The more I think, the more afraid. When I got to the hospital, I went straight to the emergency room. The picture in front of me is my heart lying in bed. At that moment, the tear flowed out unknowingly.

According to the lab, my 4-year-old son is infected with the RSV virus. He must rest and heal. Whether there are any complications or not. Why does it have to be like this? This innocent child suffers, instead of should have fun playing with his friends as his ages. Every time he cries for, I was always in tears. I must do everything to save my beloved life. When I regained consciousness, the staff came in to talk about the cost of treatment. Assessed until the child is discharged from the hospital, it should cost a hundred thousand. Considering that I still have some luck in deciding to buy health insurance for my son. The last time I went shopping in The Mall Department store, it covers all medical fees without having to pay anything for it. Usually, young children are easily ill. Insurance companies often do not accept or at a high rate of insurance premiums. But this policy is protected from a child aged 15 days without a medical examination. And have a premium price when doing with father or mother. It is considered a good choice for all children who love it, called "happy for all ages" from adults to children.


Don't want to think that if all these medical expenses I must pay myself without insurance companies to help how hard will our family be? May have to look for credit card promotions, pay installments as well or must get an urgent loan first and then pay back later. Some people may think that insurance is not necessary. But from this event makes clear to learn that things like this, if it doesn’t happen to themselves, may not really be understood. It's good that I decided to get insurance. How much money does a child need to grow up? Would it be better if we were able to save money on the expensive medical expense to the hospital as a scholarship to our children in the future?

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