Shading Tree Selection Tips

Thailands temperature is on the rise and every household avoid humidity and retreat the heat in air-conditioned room. A little help from the nature would be great in cooling down your house. Not to mention benefits from saving electricity costs and energy conservationThe way to shade your surrounding with nature – most of us would think of growing a large shade trees. If you dont know how to start or how select right trees for your house. Let’s read our tips and techniques below.

South – Facing Houses

South is the direction with all-year-round sunlight due to the position of the sun. The sun circles to the South for 8 months of a year and the remaining 4 months to the North. Houses facing the South are exposed to heat. Growing large trees to shade and block direct sunlight became necessary.

Plant sun-loving trees with thick leaves, shrubs, or trees with thickening branches at the top and less around the trunk. These trees allow winds to breeze into the house. The South brings both winds and sunlight which suitable for perennial flower plants i.e., White Champaka, Chinese Rice Flower, Orange Jasmine, Anan, Pong-Pong, Devil Tree, White Chess wood, Chinese Rose, Mok, Chanpa, Yellow Palm and Rainbow Tree. Do not plant these trees too close to keep roots away from underground foundation and utility of the house

North-Facing Houses

The North is the direction with least sunlight. Usually, it enjoys the morning sun up until 11AM. Your house will be damp shade by shadow if situated near tall buildings higher than 6 meters. Therefore, plants at North facing gardens would not be able to enjoy the sunlight as much as other directions. 

Therefore, plant tress that do not need much sunlight such as shubs or leafy plants that like shades. Indoor-plant might be a perfect choice, such as Dumb Cane, Silver Evergreen and Fern species such as Peach Lily, Philodendron, Bromeliad, White Lily turf, Gloxinia, Flamingo flower and Catathea. Include some alder plants i.e., Dahlia, YesterdayToday-And-Tomorrow or ground covering plants or low light photosynthesize plants i.e., The Kyoto Dwarf, Pepperomis, Begonia, Mather in law's Tongue and Spider Plant or Spider or creeper plants of betel species i.e., Portulaca Rose and Tricolor Nephthytis.

East-Facing Houses

This direction receives sunlight from morning until noon and similarly to the North, no sunlight in the afternoon. Suitable plants for East direction are low light-dependent trees such as parennial plants with light shades that has moderately thick leaves i.e., Cork Tree, Willow or small bushes such as Begonia, Episcia, Fern and Gold Leaves

West- Facing Houses

The sun in this direction is slightly similar to South-facing gardens because of afternoon sunlight. Garden plants for this directiion should be parennial plants, shrubs or thick leaves to give the house some shades i.e.,     Mast Tree, Wishing Tree, Monkey Flower Tree, MacArthur Palm, Sealing wax palm, Traveller's Tree or heavy bush creepers of Betel species such as Betel Piper, Golden Pothos, Hunters Robe, Red Ivy, Spanish Moss, Sweet Autumn Vase Vine or Cat's Claw Creeper.

Buy the right plants for your house with these techniques and follow your gardening objectives of shading, beautyfying or using fragrant plants to create your own greenery surrounding and cooldown the house