Interest Rates and Fees

Deposit Interest Rates

Deposit Interest Rates Effective from: 24.07.2020 Announcement on: 23.07.2020

Interest Rate for Lending

Interest Rate for Lending Effective from: 22.05.2020 Announcement on: 21.05.2020

Foreign Currency Deposit

Interest Rates (Percentage per Annum) for Foreign Currency Deposits Effective from: 30.07.2020 Announcement on: 29.07.2020
Fees for Foreign Currency Account Deposit and Withdrawal Effective from: 17.01.2020 Announcement on: 16.12.2019
Conditions and Fees for Foreign Currency Deposit Account Service Effective from: 01.08.2018 Announcement on : 31.07.2018
Service Fees for SCB Easy Net and SCB Easy Application Effective from: 17.08.2020 Announcement on: 17.08.2020