Product Detail

SCB Custodian Services keeps and cares for your assets, both domestic and international, including receipt and delivery services. We make payments, check and count with registration. We monitor earnings and ensure correct asset values. We report to management companies and/or the fund owner.

  • Ensures safekeeping of assets by a financially strong bank, with efficient management and enhanced system for asset and document security
  • Provides timely information on important matters and benefits, both domestic and international, for better decision making
  • Provides tailored services as per service level agreement to support better planning
  • Reports changes of deposit format as required by customer
  • Ensures that consultation and problem-solving is provided by an experienced working team with wide expertise

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Tel: 02-544-2923, 02-795-5373, 02-795-1957, 02-795-4153

Fax: 02-544-7475