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After SCB has completed your outward remittance instruction, you may enter the information on the receipt to follow the status 24 hours a day at . The status will be displayed in real-time. 1
1 Please keep in mind that the progress of an overseas remittance can only be tracked if [1] the receiving bank is a SWIFT member and [2] the receiving bank provides the data back to SCB through the SWIFT gpi system.


Allows you to track the status of remittances so that you may resume doing business as soon as possible. This will help your business move forward more easily, quickly, and smoothly.


Steps for monitoring the progress of international remittances:
  1. Enter transaction information (SCB reference number, currency, and transfer amount) or the UETR code.
  2. Click the checkmark “I am human” in the Security Check box.
  3. Select if you want information in Thai or English.
  4. Press the Check button to confirm your selection.
The status of your remittance will be shown by the system.


Business Administration and Accounting
  • It is simple to manage your company's cash flow.
  • Payments are simple to trace.
  • Capable of checking remittance costs
Making Budgeting Easier
  • Use the budget wisely and effectively.
  • Assist in increasing your business liquidity by handling account receivables and payables.
Management of Funds
  • Increase working capital while decreasing the time it takes to set up payment balance.
  • Expand investment opportunities.
  • Improved cost and credit management.
  • Lower your exchange rate risk.


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