Product Detail

SCB's Overdraft service provides a credit line that lets your company withdraw more than the balance on its current account, within the limits specified by the Bank, to help maintain working capital and liquidity.

Convenient withdrawal by cheque, credit card, bank account and other channels

Pay your partners on time

Pay interest only on the amount of overdraft


•     Good financial history

•     Business track record. (Number of years depends on type of business.)

Document Required

Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Registration, Memorandum of Association and List of Shareholders

Financial statements

Financial statements audited by certified public accountant

Copy of ID card

Copy of ID card and copy of house registration of the authorized person

Summary statement

Summary statement of core banking transactions for past six months

Letter of consent

Letter of consent for SCB to check credit information

Financial Amount Objective

Please provide detail and objective for your request

                            The consideration is in line with the Bank's guidelines.