Product Detail

SCB offers debt instrument investment solutions for companies and investors suitable to their risk tolerance level to optimize liquidity management.

The Bank offers tools for investment portfolio management, including:

Government Bonds

Corporate Bonds

Structured Notes

A government bond, or sovereign bond, is a type of debt instrument issued by the Ministry of Finance. The Thai government issues bonds to raise funds from the general public and foreign investors. Government bonds are considered to be the lowest risk among the various types of debt instruments, thanks to the issuer’s credit worthiness and financial stability as a sovereign government. A corporate bond is a type of debt instrument issued by a corporation. The buyer of a corporate bond lends the funds to the company for its business operations . This means that the credit risk and return of the bond depends upon the company's business performance.

A structured note is a type of debt instrument that provides a return on investment determined by a reference factor such as the price of a stock or    group of stocks; a commodity like gold; or a currency exchange rate. The structured notes offered by SCB's Financial Markets Department are issued by either Siam Commercial Bank or Siam Commercial Bank Securities.

In order to purchase a structured note, an investor must be qualified according to regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). For information, please visit