What type of insurance should single people have?

In the conversation of a group of old friends from university who have never met for a long time because it’s hard to find the time that everyone can come. AS for the 40 plus age group like us that each person has many things to do life that need to be managed. There are 9 people in our group, including persons who have family and children, and one who have husbands but have no children and "single" people who are the most members of our group.

People over the age gone for a half of life, like us, cannot avoid the complaining of work and family matters and about creating stability for life soon after retired. We have both careful people who have been planning future security since the late twenties. The members of this style of our group are people who already have a family. As for single groups, they are "Happy with the present" Spend all they must create happiness today. Saving money or financial planning for the future is almost never in the brain.

Oat, the mother of one child who we praise as the most discreet in our lives said first that “you, you, you and you, have you saved up yet? Have you guys bought funds or insurance yet? Honestly, you guys aren't that rich or have a lot of inheritance. If you get a serious illness can be very painful, unable to work, or when retiring without a salary, what to do? I cannot help you guys for that "

Fah is a tom boy, single lady who has almost never had enough salary to spend the whole month. Because she buys everything that is trendy. "Oh, what are you going to do with me? I'm single, do not have children or burdened like you. So, who I must save up for?  And don’t have to talk about insurance at all. I have health insurance from my employer. Why I must do it again? Ake, a sweet guy, quickly added, "Yes, I am the only child, no sibling. Who am I insuring for? I probably die soon "

Oat shook her head boringly. "You guys have been like this since you were in school until you are getting this old, you still cannot think carefully about your life." At this point, Oat continued in a serious recommendation. "Although you are single, Ake you are the only child. Your father has passed away so you must be the pillar of a mother, right? Your mother has no income and does not have any treasure. Think about it. If you're into something, sick or die, who will care for your mother? Where will your mother find money to live? " Ake seemed to be quiet and is thinking about it.

I also continue from Oat. “Ake aside from your mom, every year you have to pay taxes. Life insurance premiums if you do it as a guarantee for mom. You can also apply for tax deductions. Think about how much it is worth. And think about it if you don't die as quickly as you think. There is no pension for you and no heritage from your parents. After you retire where you will get money from. You also don’t have savings. You Better buy saving insurance, right? It can both save money and reduce the tax at the same time.

Oat continue, I myself have insurance for my child. One of them was "Lifetime insurance" premiums are not high compared to long-term coverage. If something happened to me, my child, my parents, would not have difficulty. I think you should do this for your mother too. The future is unknown and you know that. "

It's true that single people do not have a burden. no children that must raise. But on the other hand, as we get older, we don't have children to take care of us either. We must continue to take care of ourselves which we don’t know how long we will live.

"Fah, now you may feel that you do not need to save money and has insurance. But suppose if you get sick or have a serious accident, health insurance at the workplace does not cover all expenses. Where you will find money to pay them less. Assuming worse case, you have cancer or serious illness. Now, what to do? The cost of treatment is so expensive. You told me that workplace health insurance is not a lot. And if you get a serious illness and must hospitalize for a long time. The company may ask you to quit the job. What to do next? Asks for money from your mom or your dad? Fah sits quietly listening. Did not rush to argue as usual

Oat continues the conversation, I think you should have additional health insurance to supplement the company makes. Choose life insurance with health coverage and income compensation. If having enough money should get cancer or serious illness insurance because now you see that our generation got cancer a lot more.

I add more “I personally have many insurance policies, mainly to save money and reduce taxes. Hurry up, do it now. To ensure that we will have enough money after retirement. The slower you do, the more expensive the insurance premiums. And it may be too expensive to pay.

Money isn't the most important thing in life. But without money, life is stressful, And I don't want to stress when getting old. But after listening to Oat, I think I must buy cancer or serious illness insurance. They do not want to run out of money because must pay all the money for treatment. "

Creating security and stability for the future is essential. Whether single or with a family, we all have "risks" and uncertainty in life. To ensure the future with insurance to create a peace of mind without worry.