5 things to know ... Guide to using Planet SCB cards like master

The Planet SCB card, a trusted card for travelers in this year that has been widely spoken of as being extremely worthwhile. The rate is so cheap that I want to exchange it again. Those who do not yet have to hurry to apply. I will receive the card in time for the next trip. Will find that friends don't warn. For those who have received the card in their hands. Let's take a look at how to use a master card. Knowing only these 5 points is guaranteed.



1 - When paying, always use foreign currency

When using a card in a foreign country Must notify the store that to swipe in the currency of the country we go to. Like going to America, swiping with Dollars Japan must swipe with the yen Staying in Spain uses the euro. Because swiping with another currency May cause us to be charged higher exchange rates on the Planet SCB card or get the rate specified by the shop. Importantly, exchanging the currency that will be used on the card in advance is enough. Will give us the desired rate also do not have to wait to exchange more often while shopping.

- Every time you receive a slip check that pay in the desired currency or not. If the slip shows that it is paid in "Baht" currency but wants to pay in foreign currency, we can notify the store to cancel or "VOID" that payment immediately. Then swipe again correctly.


2 - Exchange money in full amount without decimal points

Don't forget that every time you exchange money easily through the SCB EASY app, enter the number in the currency field you want to exchange first in a full number no decimal point. And the system will calculate it in baht which must be exchanged. For example, if wanting to exchange 39,500 yen, enter the same amount as that. Or if you want 123,456 won, you can still enter. Just remember that there is no decimal point. Ensure smooth exchange without interruption

3 - When draw money from foreign ATMs must do like this. Some ATM can be pressed for free immediately.

Because the ATM system in foreign countries Most of them have different procedures for getting money. And in each bank, the menu is also set differently. Therefore, in order not to have problems when drawing money Recommend as follows

  1. Change the screen to English For the easiest understanding
  2. Choose from the "Credit Card" or "Loan" account. If there is no option to choose, then click "Skip" straight away.
  3. ATMs in foreign countries will give a notification of the destination fee charged. If OK, you can click to confirm.
  4. On the slip, all money in the E-Wallet will be converted into the currency of the country in which the money was deposited. If you look confused, go to the SCB EASY app to see the balance again. This type of examination cannot make a mistake.

For these countries the team has proven that ATMs can be used without any fees. But must press from the specified bank’ ATM as follows

  • Japan: AEON
  • Taiwan: Yuant Bank, Mega Bank, CHB, Taiwan’s Cathay United Bank, Huanan Bank
  • Macau: Bank of China
  • Singapore: UOB, May Bank
  • UK : Natwest
  • Hongkong: HSBC

Korea: The only vending machine will be the one with the Global ATM symbol. There will be a fee of 3,600 won for all banks.

4 - When you cannot remembering the PIN, enter the SCB EASY app, set a new PIN before traveling, in case it is necessary.

Many countries in Europe After swiping the card, you may be asked to enter a 6-digit PIN to confirm payment. Some people may have forgotten what this PIN is from. In fact, this 6-digit PIN was set when the card service was activated. Which, when not used, may have forgotten the code. Don't worry, before leaving, let us manually set a new PIN via the SCB EASY app for smooth, uninterrupted trips.

Handy:  The 6-digit PIN used with Planet SCB is not always the PIN used in the SCB EASY app. Depending on the code set for each person. But the best way is to not mix it with one another. Because if the PIN code is pressed incorrectly for 4 consecutive times, the card will be locked immediately. Must contact the Call Center to unlock only

5 - When getting Tax Refund will get into the card, very convenient.

เWhen requesting a tax refund, the money will be refunded into the card. So, don't forget to check first that the total amount of all currencies on the card, when combined with the tax that will be refunded after the refund has been made, must have a maximum sum not exceeding 500,000 baht.

For those who have applied for Planet SCB but haven't received their card yet. Don't worry Just call SCB Call Center 0 2777 7777 and inform your name-surname to request delivery status. Or if the card is returned can inform the new address and request the card to be sent again. For anyone who has trouble swiping, spending, or gets money from ATM abroad, can contact immediately through the inbox Facebook SCB Thailand 24 hours.


We hope that your next trip or any trip will be full of positive experiences with the Planet SCB card.

More information https://www.scb.co.th/th/personal-banking/cards/prepaid-cards/planet-scb-card.html