See the full view of Fujisan In the home town of Fuji @ Shizuoka

Fujisan doesn't be shy. Let me see you clearly once ... MT. Fuji, one of Japan's iconic visitors, hoping to see the beauty of the world's most beautiful mountains. And it is also the largest and most beautiful peak of Japan without clouds just one time.

When talking about the best places to see Mount Fuji, many people tend to think of the 5 lakes that surround Fuji. The most popular lake is Kawaguchiko. But today we will take you to see Fuji-san from another angle in the birthplace of Fujisan in Shizuoka. Of course, on a sunny day, you will see the giant Fuji, in the sense as close to reaching.

How to go to Shizuoka? Shizuoka is not far from Tokyo at all. If taking the Shinkansen high-speed train takes only 1 hour. Take the Hikari Line to compete for a ride at Tokyo Station, then shoot straight into Shizuoka. I would be able to do a one day trip but I recommend staying for two nights to enjoy Fuji at the max. In the case of bad luck, Fuji is shy. we still have another day to revenge.


Fujisan observation spots in Shizuoka are many places either by the sea, by the lake, in the city or on the top of the mountain. But today, we recommend 2 Fuji scenic spots that are easy to go to. In addition, the view of Fuji is beautiful and captivating. The place itself is chic, starred. The first place is Nihondaira Yume Terrace, the other is MT. Fuji World Heritage Center.

Let's go to the first place, Nihondaira begins at the main train station in Shizuoka. From there we will take the 42-bus line, take a straight up the hill to the viewpoint, with a fare of only 570 yen per person or just about 160 baht. On the way, we will begin to see Fuji-san appearing continually. I would like to say that you still don't have to hurry to take photos. Save your memory, keep your battery, because the view from the top of the hilltop is much more divine. Here you can walk in to view the 360-degree view of Fuji and Shizuoka without any charge if you want.

Having said that, when coming up to the third floor, I forgot to breathe because Fuji in front of it is very beautiful. On a clear day Without clouds Fuji stands out with a white helmet. Contrasting with the sparkling blue sea (The author goes to the beginning of December). Like the image seen on the poster. Photos from a mobile camera can only reflect 50% of the beauty that the eye can see. Each corner will have different beautiful images. Important here is quite wide. There are both indoors and corridors around. People are not crowded which makes it easy to find a corner to take pictures. What angle do you want? Which action you like, do not need to wait for the queue at the hot spot. In addition, the property is unique from the combination of modern minimalism with all-round glass and wood materials, which blends harmoniously with the surrounding atmosphere. This chic viewpoint is designed by the most famous Japanese architect. The same person that designed the Tokyo Olympics Stadium 2020 too. After fully enjoyed with Fuji, just go back to the opposite side of the previous bus stop when got off. Then take the same bus back to town, both free and easy travel and get 10-star Fuji views like this, cannot miss it.

Ready to go to see the giant Fuji? Like being within reach in Fujinomiya, the home town of Fuji. our aim is MT. Fuji World Heritage Center. We will start at the main train station in Shizuoka as before. But this time will take the JR local train Minobu line. The destination is at Fujinomiya Station. The journey time is around half an hour. On the way, we will see Fujisan in the background. Who wants to shoot video on the train and see Fuji moving along the way can as well? Once you reach the destination station, there will be a clear sign indicating how to walk to the MT. Fuji World Heritage Center. Just walk straight for about 10 minutes and will find it because it's prominent on the side of the road. From the front of the building, you will see a giant Fuji-san as the backdrop of the houses and people around there. It is the image that gives a different feeling It made sense that Fujisan was a part of people's lives in this city. As expected, as the hometown of Fujisan.

The front of the building has a pond. It is another point that everyone must take a picture of Fuji reflected in the water. The closer the sunset the more beauty the Fuji. The white hat turned bright golden. And when everything around became dark, Fuji seemed to be the only thing shining in the dim light of the night time. Now understand the word "have aura" as the picture is seen today. Fuji, when the sun goes down, looks like the moon that shines in the full moon night.

In addition to the beauty of the giant Fuji, the building here is beautiful, outstanding, worth to visit. And have to say that the building is photogenic, very beautiful in every angle. This building was designed by japan's famous architect that was intended to design the building as an inverted Fuji. Is a combination of the strength of bare cement, gentle and naturalness of the wood and the transparency of the glass Is a place worth visiting? Because just the outside is already amazed at the outstanding features. Inside there is a story about Mount Fuji both science and culture. The creative designers make the visitors look like they are constantly walking up to the top of Fuji. The top floor is an open courtyard. It is another perfect spot to take pictures with Fuji. Acting posture, beautiful with Fuji as the background. Worth the 300-yen entrance fee or just 80 baht. Really great value and pay with an SCB Planet card that exchanged yen in advance at a good rate, the more I felt it was worth it.

That day I fully enjoyed with Fujisan from morning until evening, from bright to dark, from a high angle to the point of reaching close. Shizuoka is another city that doesn't want the Japanese fan to miss. Because of many tourist attractions, inexpensive hotels and easily accessible both from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Throughout the trip, I used the SCB Planet card which was exchanged at a good rate. Used it fluently without problems, whether its restaurants, convenience stores or the shopping malls. Anybody planning to go to Japan gradually follow the Yen rate. Whenever you get the rate you want, you can exchange it with SCB Planet. But it will give you more peace of mind if you grab the SCB JCB card as well.