Digital Detox reduces human stress in the digital age

What is Digital Detox?

In an era where many people become addicted to the screen. The first thing people do after woke up is to pick up phones and check out all sorts of social media apps and it is like this all day. The digital world plays a role in our daily life almost all the time, resulting in the concept of “Digital Detox” It means there is a time when people reduced their use of technology devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets to access social media less. Then turn to spend time with what is in front of you in real life without distraction. This helps to reduce the stress that builds up in us from being connected to the digital world all the time.

Why Should You Do Digital Detox?

From a survey of internet users’ behavior, it was found that in 2020, Thais use the internet up to 11 hours a day. The most time spent using social media apps such as Facebook, LINE, Instagram accounted for 95.3%. While it's common for people to use social media technology, overuse it can be a sign of behavioral addiction. mental and social problems as follows

·       Stress: While many people cannot imagine a life without a cell phone or tablet. But research on stress by the American Psychological Association found that one in five adult Americans say that technology use is the leading cause of stress in their lives. Most of which comes from being able to connect to the Internet and having to check email, messages, social media all the time. A study by researchers in Sweden found that Adults who use too much technology are linked to insomnia. depression and increased stress

·        Sleep disturbances: A good night's sleep is the basis of good health. Studies have shown that heavy use of electronic devices before going to bed affects both quantitative and qualitative sleep. They tend to cause anxiety, insomnia, and shorter sleep times. It also found a link between technology use during bedtime and an increase in body mass index.

·        Affects Work-Life Balance: Staying connected to the digital world This makes it harder to draw the line between work and personal life. Because whether you are at home or on vacation you couldn't help but check mail or reply to messages from colleagues. According to a study published in the journal “Applied Research in Quality of Life,” the use of technology plays an important role in an individual's work-life balance. The fact that the mobile phone is connected to the Internet affects the stress of work and a feeling of overwork.

·        Seeing other people's lives on social media makes you unhappy with your own life: The way we explore the world of social media that is full of good life stories of other people, such as the people around you, or even people who do not know or celebrities. It may cause a metaphorical feeling that everyone has a better life than us. Even though what you see on social media is only a fraction of their lives. This feeling is poisonous to our minds. Doing a digital detox from social media is a way to help you focus on what really matters in your life without comparing yourself to others.

·        FOMO : Fear of missing out – FOMO, keeps you online all the time. Because of fear of missing out on events in society and won’t know how to chat with others. Therefore, you must constantly check your mobile phone, see messages, chat, and plow feeds.  


Signs That You Should Have a “Digital Detox”  

·        Stressed and anxious when you can't find your phone.

·       You feel that you "have to" check your mobile phone all the time.

·        Depressed, worried or angry after using social media.

·        Obsessed with the likes, comments, shares of your posts.

·        Afraid that you will miss something if you don't keep checking your phone.

·        Find yourself staying up late or waking up early to play with your mobile phone.

·        Not concentrating on anything. If you didn't check your mobile phone

Want to do a digital detox, how do I start?

For those who want to do a Digital Detox, there is a way to get started on your own.

·        For many people, it is impossible to do a full digital detox. Because you still must go online for work, school, etc. The important thing is to make the Digital Detox fit into your own schedule. For example, if we must use a mobile phone Electronic equipment is working. Let's do a mini detox after work. Choose when we will turn off all communication devices. Then spend time with activities that are "digital-free", with no social media. Message messages online video, etc.

·        Set limits on what digital technology will come in at the time of the day. To be positive for our mental state and to help us focus on the real-life activities in front of us without being distracted by the digital world, such as listening to music from playlists in music apps while exercising, keep airplane mode on so you won't be disturbed by messages or notifications from apps. or refrain from using mobile phones during certain periods such as when eating, especially when eating with others, when waking up/before going to bed or when with friends or family. Research suggests that limiting social media time to 30 minutes a day can reduce feelings of loneliness and depression.

·        Eliminate distractions: Another option is to turn off the warning message. (notification) from various mobile apps because it helps us to schedule our mobile usage. Instead of having to read the message, check the app every time a message pops up.

·      Select any day of the week. It's a digital device-free day. Or if you feel like spending too much time on any app, website, or game? Try to limit the time you use that app.

Even in the 4.0 era, digital technology is an important part of our daily lives. But returning to a somewhat tech-free mode may help us adjust our minds, adjust our moods, turn around and talk to the real-life people in front of us. Build the power to live a strong life.

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