Simple QR Scan, Buy-Sell on SCB EASY App

With the situation of Covid-19 that causes people to keep their distance from each other - that is the turning point for a great way of life of people around the world. But even though living has to be designed to have a distance but we still have to spend to buy consumer goods. What shall we do on the day of the death of Covid-19? Can be on a banknote for up to 9 days. The term "cashless society" or cashless Society has become something that many people are starting to see more value

Cashless Society in the West We will see the clear picture with credit cards, debit cards, and e-commerce. But lately, cashless society in Asian style Which has a unique trading economy, such as a bazaar, a small shop, a stall that the EDC machine can't answer all, so QR is the most simple and convenient answer. Able to pay for both big amount and small money. Can have only one mobile phone


In addition to convenience, QR code scanning can help reduce the risk of infection. Just open the bank application and scan the store's QR Code to make payment without having to pick up the money. Accepting money to worry While not having to be confused about the change

QR Code that we call coherent (and many people who use it are attracted) stands for the word "Quick Response" and even stands for English. But the true origin is Japan since 1994 by Denso-Wave Company, originally created for the automotive industry. The QR Code is a square symbol that is a 2D barcode used so that we do not Have to waste time typing details Just take a mobile phone's camera to take a QR and access the information. QR is very widespread in China. And tend to be more distributed in many places including Thailand, our country

QR Code, how to pay?

  1. Merchants or service providers generate QR codes from banking applications.
  2. Stores or service providers show QR codes to buyers.
  3. Buyers use the merchant's application to scan the QR code of the store or service provider. Check details and confirm payment
  4. Money transferred to the store or service provider
  5. The store or service provider has confirmed payment, delivery of goods or services to buyers.

The payer is an SCB customer. How do the payer's scan?

  1. Login to SCB EASY APP and select My Transactions.
  2. Select Scan the QR to pay
  3. Enter password
  4. Scan the QR code of the shop or service provider to pay.
  5. Enter the amount and confirm payment.
  6. Receive a slip from SCB EASY.

Easy, convenient, no need to prepare cash, carry change, no need to check fake banknotes Safe with distance And there is no need to receive banks, receive coins That may be carriers of the cattle-19 Come to keep with yourself as well Try paying with this method. And don't forget to check the information before pressing confirm payment. Take It Easy;)

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