5 green destinations @ South Korea

When thinking about travel to South Korea, many people may think of shopping, savor famous local food. But very few will think of another virtue of South Korea like "Green tourist attraction “that is waiting to experience the beauty, breathe fresh air, freshen the lungs with oxygen. We, therefore, recommend 5 green tourist destinations in South Korea for you to check-in.


1. Suncheon Bay

Beginning at Suncheon Park or Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve Located in Suncheon city Received excellent ecological treatment. The distinctive feature is the S-shaped water curve and the golden yellow papyrus. Some of the landmarks are characterized by beautiful circular green hills that line the path. When looking at the Bird's Eye view, it is said that it was designed in a flawless way. Hidden in a variety of plants, aquatic animals and rare birds, to take pictures back home.

Another point of appreciation for nature in South Korea is the autumn color season. At Suncheon Park, there are Suaeda Japonica flowers (scientific names) that can change color up to 7 times a year. Especially during the late autumn will turn red you must see it in your own eyes.

2. Daedunsan

If anyone is fascinated with watching the autumn leaves Let's continue at Dae-dun San National Park in Daejeon. There are red and orange flowers interspersed around. The highlights of this place, such as the Geumgang Scenic Bridge. Can walk to relax and view the maple trees especially during the cold season everything is covered with snow and white. Change the atmosphere into another mode. Will be happy or lonely depending on the emotions it will take.

There is also an unusual Sam Seonbawi peak, while the park has everything. Aside from the nature that the world creates, there are also famous temples to pay respect to, such as Taegosa Temple, Ansimsa Temple, and Sinsounsa Temple

3. Pampas Grass

The next station is for women who want to have a dream like a photo. Inviting to drift while running in the meadow. But the grass in Thailand is too small not much of a dream view. Recommend buy a ticket to go to the Pampus grass field in Tae a Chungcheongnamdo Province. Even if traveling a bit far but guaranteed the height of 2-4 meters, golden yellow flowers fluttering along with the wind like a giant feather that is flapping its wings. The walkway is surrounded by towering grass flowers. Giving the feeling of stepping on a fairytale scene. Can say that the atmosphere like this ... Thailand does not have.

4. Daraengi Village, Namhae Island

This time comes to a tourist destination that is not just green. But sealed tightly with the blue color of the sea at Namhae Nai Tarangi Village. Experience nature through the rice terraces that are stacked on more than 100 mountain ranges and at the far end are the waves moving into the shore. And with the determination to carry on the steps of rice farming, the village people, therefore, organize a festival to provide knowledge regularly. So, don't forget to schedule a trip to visit during this important time as well.

5. Olympic Park

I would like to conclude with a green tourist attraction that invites me to feel a little lonely but enormous. Although this highlight is just a part of the Olympic Park in Seoul, it is the most popular. That thing is ... one tree! You don't read it wrong. We are really talking about a single tree. This point is called "One Tree Hill" or a lonely tree. During a hill, flat grassland suitable for walking There is a large dark green tree calling the point of interest to take a picture on social media. Most of the time, people will get a corner of the hip into the concept "Alone Tree"

In each season, the specialties of the atmosphere will always be different. Greenfields, orange or white fields are all beautiful. Many people are hooked and come again. Because the Olympic Park has a green corner, great location to walk and receive a lot of cool air

I hope that it will make you feel like nature lovers who want to go to breathe fresh air in South Korea. And don't forget to carry your SCB JCB Platinum card everywhere, because where you go it carries all promotions according to you. Collect 1 point per 25 baht/sales slip Receive 3% cashback from the first baht etc. Both worthwhile and fun for every trip, of course. Who doesn't have a card yet click to apply via the SCB EASY APP. See more SCB JCB Platinum card