Roof and balcony leak, how to fix it?

In the rainy season, problems with hidden houses are often revealed. And causing homeowners to have a headache because they must earn money and find a trusted technician to repair. One of the common problems during the rainy season is Deck or balcony issues (Especially without a roof) leakage, which many houses tiled in that area, making repairs more complicated.

This problem can be caused by several reasons, including a bad design in the first place. Or caused by non-standard construction from the beginning Such as cement is not level Do not make a slope to let water down the drain. Or uneven cement, causing some points to become a pool of water, so long enough to leak. Or did not have to apply a waterproofing solution to the floor before laying tiles. In addition, may occur around the head of the nut, joints between tiles, the joint between the tile and the original building, cracked wings. The drainage line is clogged, causing the water to flood and cause water leakage. Damage, mold stains, stains, and stains to help homeowners talk to a technician or contractor with basic knowledge in advance. We have the following solutions.

1.Apply waterproofing 

 If tiles are laid, all tiles must be removed. Clean the mortar Level the area to be smooth, then apply to waterproof, then lay the tiles. Which in this way there are steps to be careful.

  • Prepare the surface to dry and clean. To be free from dust, cement debris, and dirty.

  • Repair cracks by using products that are suitable for cracks that occur. Fill cracks all over. Then leave to dry Make a finishing sanding with sandpaper. And clean again Before applying to waterproof

  • Mix Roof seal with water in a ratio of 3: 1 and apply over the crack area for 1 time. Then let it dry for 1-2 hours. To reinforce adhesion, use Fiber mesh reinforced mesh for waterproofing. Covered immediately after applying the foundation. Then pressed to attach to the surface. Then apply the Roof seal 2 more times, each trip to leave the time apart approximately 2-4 hours. 

    * Note * After the waterproofing system has been completed, the surface should be left to dry for about 7 days before the topcoat or tile painting. In order to provide better performance of the waterproofing system


2. Roof cover

Cover But the roof is not entirely rainproof. If the rain is strong then come the water may become trapped as before, in the puddle, and leak again. Making the roof must be careful not to splash water on the side of the house next to it when it rains, also consider the weight of the roof that the original house structure is strong enough to support the weight or not.

3 New tile grout 

New tile grout by shoveling out all the old grout and dismantling the tiles in the basin part. Leveling the floor Then apply a new sealant type to seal the floor, but risk not recovering Because what really helps is to apply a waterproofing liquid to the full area before tiling

You can see that the first method is the dismantling method. Leveling the floor with waterproofing is the best long-term solution. But it is also the method that uses the most time and budget. Including having to find a skilled technician who can trust Because if pouring is not at the level, the problem may come back. The other two methods require less time and budget but may not 100% solve the problem or in the long run. Whichever method will be chosen depends on the time and budget the homeowners have.

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