Relax your body and peace of mind for investing: Where to pick the vacation condo

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere whenever was the weekend to change the atmosphere and leave all stress in the city? Then head to the nature in the countryside. But when it comes to booking a nice hotel must fight with many travelers who are interested in the same hotel. Sometimes, instead of staying with the family, must stay in different places or different floors. Even stay in the luxury one, does not have a “home” like feeling.

One of the hottest option is to find your own condominium as a second home in a location that is different form your regular home. Plus, an opportunity to attractive investment as the growth of tourism in that location that more open to both Thai and foreign tourists.


Alias, Pearl of The Andaman, loved by tourists around the world. There are not only beaches and clear blue waters but is also a city of food that UNESCO praised. From street food to fine dining luxury restaurants. With unique Peranakan culture and ranked the province with the highest average hotel room rates in the country.

To own a condominium resort that has a similar feeling to the hotel, besides eliminate the hassle of fighting to get a room with other travelers, you will fully relax in a private atmosphere.

With the strength of nature and food culture, Phuket is also preparing for investment to make the city more vibrant. The demand for housing continued to increase. Only tourist arrivals estimated at this year are expected to be at least 13 million. Condominium sales at all prices since the beginning of 2018 has been quick response -- signal growth. And most importantly, the design, decoration and dedicated in the details of the facilities of the project. The Peranakan culture was worn on the project and this create the atmosphere of Phuket is not deteriorated. Whether for a vacation home and keep waiting for the value increased or the long-term lease will have the opportunity to make a return on investment worthwhile.

Hau Hin

This is a hot spot in this time, with easy access to Bangkok that takes only three hours to soak up the sea and mountains. But what makes Hua Hin a destination that people want to get it in this hour because it is one of the main routes of the Western Tourism Development Plan named "Thailand Riviera"
The government is raising a new magnet of the South. It connects both Gulf of Thailand and the other side of the road leading to the southern ax.

Hua Hin Condo Price Prices are climbing every year as land prices increase. And the reinforced point is the market demand is driven by "real demand" or the people who want to buy it as a vacation home. And if you choose a project that makes a difference and provide family warmth feeling with a design that combines the identity of the world-class resort destinations in Spain as a whole. So, called a stable base. Both are kept as a source of recreation themselves. Or will keep speculating long term is equally attractive.


Despite the long-time reputation for Thailand tourism, Pattaya will never gone form Thai map.
The highlight from the mixing of ​​the sandy beach, colorful entertainment and various sports activities. Also, community tour that still left to see or shopping in shopping malls where have many kinds of stuff to buy not less than Bangkok.

But the attraction for Pattaya in this hour is it is the center of living. For the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), the government is currently operating at full capacity. It is expected that the demand for accommodation from both Thai and foreigners will increase. To invest as vacation condominium or aim to harvest for more income, it's both glamorous.

Khao Yai

It is a big lung near Bangkok for Khao Yai. Including luxury homes that people want to have a second home flag, this location first. Because of the perfect nature of the national park and do not have to travel far from the capital to take a breath of fresh air. It is suitable for travel again and again to energize the life of the weekend.

Most customers who want a vacation home in Khao Yai. Usually are people with high purchasing power. This drive the luxury home market or high-quality condominium are more active. Some of them also provide special services for their families to use the facilities of the nearby hotels to experience the luxury of staying with a great hotel. When the weather is cold staying in a warm place like home but there are full facilities. It is a heaven that everyone does not want to miss.

Chiang Mai

It is location that has a variety type of condominiums in many price ranges. Based on the same strength is the center of the north. It attracts both Thai and foreign tourists from various sources. Whether European, American or Asian, Chiang Mai is a popular destination for a long time.

Besides, the outstanding locations, there are new locations that get developed, such as
super highway near Central Festival. Where brand new condominiums are opened for sale and highlight is providing the lifestyle that customers want. And the use of full-service home application technology is not less than urban projects. Either invest as a second home or for rent out to long-established market. "Long stay Group" that the number of foreigners duly applying for a long stay of at least 40,000 in this year. Because of the fascination of the Nakorn Ping community and the intricate mountain range and filled with fog in the winter.

No matter where the vacation condominium is located, do not forget important factors that is, considering the project credibility and develop with quality. Know the use of modern technology to benefit the life. To make the big investment truly answer the lifestyle and increases confidence that the value of the condominiums later will not deteriorate over time.


Images from :  Sansiri Public Co.,Ltd