Feng Shui Tips for Buying a Condo

If you’re about to buy a condo but not sure which floor level and direction is best, we’ll introduce you to some tips as a guideline for choosing the right one to fit both your preference and Feng Shui.

Which floor level is best?

After observing a model room and making a decision to buy a condo, the next step is to select room location and floor level which are little burdens to some buyers as every choice has an impact on buying price. The higher the floor, the more expensive the unit, because no building blocking the view, or a corner room is normally costly as it’s more spacious than any other room. If you’ve enough budget, the high-floor level may not be a good pick. Then, what are the principles to choose the right floor for a condo?

  • Don’t choose an extremely low floor: For example, the 2 nd – 3 rd level will cause traffic noise annoyance when the cars pass by or noise from neighbors in the same condo project, including poisonous insects and bugs that may get into your room.

  • Choose the middle floor with no building blocking the view: On this floor level, you can see panoramic views and the price is approachable. The popular number according to Feng Shui are 5 th , 8 th , and 9 th as they represent wealth and accomplishment. The 13 th floor is rarely chosen as considered unlucky in the belief of Western. That’s why most condos change No.13 th to 12A.

  • Avoid the topmost floor: The room on top floor is usually hotter than the rest of the floors due to increased exposure to sunlight during the day. Leakage is also a potential problem caused of rain. Besides, some condos have the top-floor swimming pool which may affect rooms on the same level in the case of pool leaks. Also, when uncontrollable situations happen; fire, earthquake, broken elevator, it’s difficult for people on top floors to evacuate a building through fire exit stairs. More significantly, in case of fire, the fire truck ladders in Thailand can reach a maximum of the 15 th floor only. Additionally, higher floors often get poor phone signal

Choose flooring level to best match your Zodiac Sign


Zodiac Signs

Recommended Floor/Room number

(Single number/End number)

Avoiding Floor/Room number

(Single number/End number)


Ox, Dragon, Goat, Dog




Monkey, Rooster




Rat, Pig




Tiger, Rabbit




Snake, Horse



Which direction should a room window face?

  • East: Most people tend to choose an East facing window to enjoy morning sunlight and keep the room away from dampness and humidity.

  • West: Most people avoid a West facing window as it faces the setting sun so gets the sun’s heat from the daytime to evening times. So, it’s uncomfortable to stay and people need to pay more for electricity bills due to air conditioner cost. Anyway, this room direction suits those who work at night because no sunlight enters the room in the morning so they can get up late. Fortunately, the West facing room is cheaper than any other direction.

  • North: This direction best fits those who like a room without harsh sunlight and love the opening windows to bring in natural ventilation. Even though this room doesn’t absorb heat, it’s advised to be aware of humidity as the room hardly gets sunlight.

  • South: This direction greatly benefits from the wind for about 8 months and also gets sunlight for most of the day. The sun will move from East to West by taking a detour to South and that’s why the South-facing window receives a lot of direct sunlight from morning until the afternoon, and the room gets both the sun and wind at the same time.

Which room location is best?

Choosing a room location is up to the owner’s preference such as Studio / 1 Bedroom / 2 Bedrooms. Each floor offers a limited number of room types and the location is generally arranged according to the condo floor plan. Sometimes, your favorite room may not be in a desirable location or direction. Anyway, it’s wise to consider the following criteria before choosing your room location.

  • Never choose a room near the garbage storage area because of the unpleasant smell.

  • Never choose a room close to the elevator due to noise annoyance while the elevator is in operation and people are always passing by. The good thing is this type of room is cheaper than any other room.

  • It’s believed not to choose a room next to the fire exit because its proximity is easy for a thief to get in. In fact, the condo normally installs security systems to protect strangers and most people don’t habitually use fire exit stairs.

  • It’s said not to choose a room near the electrical meter room. Actually, the electric current used in a condo is not that high so it hardly affects the room next door.

When buying a condo, it’s significant to choose a suitable floor and location to match your need and budget because the price varies with the factors above mentioned. Finally, you’ll be happy when you successfully get the room you pick and feel even more relaxed if your room follows the basic principles of Feng Shui. For your interest in buying a condo to live in, please contact SCB Home Loan at