The trend of the EV car market, the sales are booming around the world

Even in the past 2021, the world has to face the problem of the epidemic of Covid-19 and a shortage of semiconductor chips. But sales of electric vehicles, EVs, rebounded higher. Part of that comes from the recovery after the last round of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global small car market has begun to recover. When looking at the sales of EVs in 2021, it was found that there was an increase in the world and has a tendency to grow to outpace the sales of combustion-powered cars. With more than 4 million electric vehicles and 2.4 million hybrids, bringing the total global sales of 6.4 million units, and when including 16 million electric vehicle users worldwide, two-thirds of which are electric vehicles. A 100% electric BEV, and of course, the Tesla car brand remains the most marketable car maker in the world. And it is the leader in selling EV cars in many countries around the world as well. Let's take a look at the production and distribution of EVs in the major countries with the increasing use of electric cars, how are they?

  • China ranked first with EV sales accounting for 12% of electric vehicle sales in 2021, doubling sales from the previous year. In addition, China remains an important manufacturing center for electric vehicle innovation. and the production of electric vehicle batteries in the world market as well Including China, there are more than 10 EV car manufacturers in China, with a total of 1.28 million vehicles delivered in China by 2021. Joint venture with many car manufacturers around the world. With 730,000 cars produced, Tesla ranked No. 2 besides Tesla as the most successful automaker in the United States and a global leader in market share and continues to be a leader in the Chinese market including setting up a manufacturing plant in China with a production of 473,078 units, No. 3 BYD Motor with the production of 320,622 units, No. 4 Lynk & Co. with the production of 220,000 units, and No. 5 Great Wall Motor with a production of 136,953 units, an increase of more than 80%. compared to the previous year

  • Norway continues to lead the world. The number of EV users in the country, with sales of more than 80% of all new car sales in the country.

  • UK & Europe, the EV market is growing eight times more than the entire small car market. The share of total electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales in Europe will increase by more than 6% in 2021, while the Tesla brand is still the leader, more than 386,000 units were sold in the first quarter, followed by Volkswagen with 332,000 units sold and GM third with 227,000 units sold in the first quarter.

  • In the United States, sales of electric cars are higher than in the previous year. This is because the US government has the policy to build infrastructure to build EV charging stations and to enact stricter zero-emissions regulations on combustion engine vehicles. In addition, the United States also aims to achieve 50% of sales of BEV and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles by 2030. In 2021, more than 310,000 electric vehicles were sold in the first half of the year. California, in particular, saw an increase of 121,000 EV users in the first six months of the year.

  • For Thailand, there are still very few electric vehicle users. From the statistics of electric vehicle registrations from the beginning of 2021 to October, it was found that there were more than 35,501 registered vehicles, representing 95% of the EVs, Hybrid, and BEV models using 100% electricity, at 5%. Encourage people to turn to EVs, both hybrid and 100% electric by 2036, reaching a total of 1.2 million vehicles.

All of this can be seen that many countries around the world have seen a marked increase in the use of EVs. The main reason is from the government's campaign to encourage people to use electric cars more efficiently. By having various promotional policies and incentives to increase the purchase of EVs, such as exemption from registration and VAT. There are free public chargers. No tolls, EVs are allowed to run in public transport lanes. It also supports the establishment of more electric vehicle charging stations throughout the country in a systematic way. Interested in launching a new electric car? Try SCB's new car loan service to help make your dreams come true faster. See details

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