EV Car, the eye-catching mega-trend

A 100% electric vehicle, also known as an electric vehicle or EV (Electric Vehicle), is an innovation that uses only 100% electric power to drive. It is now more popular because it is a car that saves fuel and helps reduce air pollution.

Data from the International Energy Agency estimates that by 2030 around the world, as many as 145 million electric vehicles will be on the road. As well as the National Electric Vehicle Policy Council of Thailand has issued a policy that by the year 2035 they will prepare to cancel the sale of petrol cars and be ready to support various aspects such as reducing the excise tax rate exemption or reduction of import duties on electric vehicle parts, etc., to become the world's major electric vehicle production center.

From the advancement of technology, this makes electric cars more outstanding. At the same time, people are starting to care about the problem of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, government policies around the world encourage consideration of limiting and reducing the amount of toxic emissions that affect global warming.

This is an important factor in promoting the rapid growth of the global electric vehicle market. It is estimated that the global electric vehicle market will account for approximately 30 - 40% of total new vehicle sales in 2030, a significant increase compared to only 2.5% in 2019 (Source: Robeco).

Automakers worldwide currently plan to spend around $500 billion through 2030 on investments in electric vehicles and batteries. They also plan to spend about $300 billion to buy electric cars and invest in related technology. (Source: Reuters)

With such growth trends. this makes the electric vehicle industry a megatrend that will happen in the future. Because it meets both the cost-effectiveness of use, solving environmental problems, reducing dependence on fossil energy sources including the opportunity to create a new industry (New S-Curve).

However, people who are interested in and looking for investment opportunities from the electric vehicle industry. It's not just investing in electric vehicle manufacturers. They can also invest in businesses related to electric vehicles such as electronic circuit boards, car air conditioning system and electric charging station, etc.

Electric car manufacturer

When talking about the manufacturer of the blue car, it must be thought of Tesla. The world's first electric vehicle manufacturer. It was established in 2003, but nowadays automakers around the world focus on investing in electric vehicles and another business group related to the growth of electric vehicles is the EV Car operator.

Lithium ion battery manufacturers

Electric vehicles are powered by electric power instead of internal combustion engines. Therefore, the key mechanism of electric vehicles lies in the energy storage system with high quality batteries. The lithium-ion battery is a clean energy battery that was invented to replace the conventional lead-acid, suitable for use in electric vehicles because of the light weight long service life and is the best energy storage at this time.

Electric vehicle charging station provider

Electric vehicle charging station, or EV Charger, is considered a downstream service that builds on the growth of electric vehicle production. At present, the private sector has begun to gradually install more charging stations in some areas, such as petrol stations, shopping mall parking.

Manufacturer of automotive components and electronic circuit boards

Auto parts manufacturers are important to electric vehicles such as plastic parts, upholstery, tires, lamps, air conditioning systems. As well as an electronic circuit boards which is very important to electrical equipment including the electric vehicle industry (Source: The Stock Exchange of Thailand) .

If electric vehicles continue to expand, companies involved in the electric vehicle industry will gain a lot of benefits as well. Therefore, it is another option for investors who are interested in investing.

People who are interested in investing can invest in such stocks directly from brokers who open trading accounts, as well as buy shares of electric vehicle manufacturers or related businesses in foreign stock markets through direct investment officers or open an investment account through the application or invest through mutual funds that have a business investment policy electric vehicles and related businesses as well.

Because the electric vehicle business and related businesses are new for investment. Before making an investment decision, it's a good idea to study and follow up on a regular basis, for example, through the Bloomberg Electric Vehicles Index, which is designed to measure the performance of the stocks of companies involved in the production of electric vehicles or their components or in other initiatives that are expected to change the future of travel and transportation. This includes companies that are expected to generate the majority of their revenue from electric vehicles, energy storage technology autonomous driving technology, mining of lithium and or copper and hydrogen fuel cells (source: summary prospectus SCB Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility Fund SCB Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility: SCBEV)

Importantly, because electric vehicles and related businesses are in the process of technological development and investment. Therefore, it may take time to be successful. Therefore, if interested in investing, you should focus on long-term investments to get the opportunity for long-term returns.