Electric car New ways for people to save the world

Want to be a part of helping reduce global warming and air pollution, right? If yes, your new car must be this. 100% electric car. Concern about the world, care for our health, nowadays, the problem of pollution is getting worst every day. Especially the global warming that is a global agenda and the problem of tiny dust, PM 2.5, which can impair health to the point of becoming cancerous. And one of the main causes of air pollution is the smoke from the pipes to waste cars that use fuel as fuel.

Although this may not be new. The first electric vehicle in the world occurred in the year 1900, but it has only received serious attention and development during the 21st century or in the present day. Because the whole world turns to focus on keeping this world clean and livable

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that uses 100% electric power, which is called Electric Vehicle in English, or short for EV. It is a motor-driven vehicle using electrical energy stored in batteries or other electrical energy storage devices. And with the advantages of electric motors that provide instant torque, this type of vehicle has smooth and fast acceleration. And superior to engines that use oil, as well as reducing air pollution because it does not emit toxic fumes from the exhaust pipe. In addition to being environmentally friendly, electric cars have other advantages as follows.

1.  The silence and the desired speed

Electric cars use electric power from batteries to motors to drive. This does not use a combustion engine Therefore does not because internal combustion Makes the sound of the operation of an electric car several times quieter than a car with fuel. And able to achieve the desired acceleration Because there is no longer a gear reduction process Therefore can be able to respond to driving according to the needs of the driver.

2. Save cost and maintenance cost

Electric cars will save you money on fuel and maintenance costs. Because it uses electrical energy to replace expensive fuel. The same as the cost of electric vehicle maintenance that will have fewer maintenance costs because there is no engine and do not need to change the oil. Therefore, it makes maintenance easier and does not waste time in bringing the car to frequent maintenance.

3. Do not waste time going to the gas station because the battery can be charged at home.

Queuing for fuel is still a problem for many people. But that electric car Can charge the battery at home. Which can be charged during the bedtime. When waking up in the morning, the car will be in a working condition. No need to worry about wasting time at the gas station anymore

With these advantages Therefore the government of many countries Different to support electric cars. Whether the United States, Norway, China, Germany, England, or Japan ใ Which is currently a country that has electric vehicle users and is trying to push the policy to make electric cars become the cars of the future that the whole world uses. And for Thailand, there is already some preparation in this regard, such as installing charging points for electric vehicles.

Charging electric vehicles has both a Quick charger with direct current (DC Charging) that can charge electric vehicle batteries from 0% - 80% in approximately 40-60 minutes, suitable for those who want the speed of charging. Especially during rush hour . Type 2: Normal charging, DOUBLE SPEED CHARGE (AC charger) by charging with AC (Such as wall charging cabinet installed at home or in the mall Charging time will be reduced. It is approximately 4-7 hours by charging with a wall charger box that can charge faster than connecting directly from the home socket. And finally, the normal charging NORMAL CHARGE, which will charge from the socket directly into the house. The electricity meter of the house must be able to support a minimum of 15 (45) A and the electrical outlet in the house must be re-installed. It is a wall socket dedicated to electric vehicle charging. Because electric vehicle charging cannot use normal sockets This type of charging is usually an AC charge. Therefore, it takes about 12-15 hours to charge

In the future, charging electric cars will be convenient and efficient. Due to the current charging technology, charging cabinets can be installed at home. In addition, electric service stations of various service providers have plans to make electric vehicle charging points to cover throughout Thailand. To make electric car users feel more comfortable and able to refill energy wherever they want.

Having seen the benefits of an EV, many people would like to go back to owning one. To take part in saving the world and you have that right now Because now there are electric cars in Thailand Sold many models and many brands. From the MG ZS EV, SUV from MG. Price at 1.19 million-baht, Nissan Leaf from Nissan. Which is the whole imported car from Japan for 1.99 million baht, FOMM ONE is an electric car that is small, compact but can support up to 4 seats, price 664,000 baht, Audi e-tron from the company Audi about 5 million, Jaguar I-PACE from Jaguar Prices start at about 5.4 baht, BYD E6 cars imported from China for 1.89 million baht, Hyundai Ioniq Electric from the camp, Hyundai, import cars for 1.75 baht, Kia Soul EV, 5-seat box-style crossover for 2.3 million baht and luxury sports car brands like Porsche Taycan for 6.99 million baht (Data as of February 20, 2020)

You can see that the price of electric cars in our country is still quite high. Can only hope that in the future, the government will support this type of car so that the price is more tangible. But if anyone does not want to wait to choose to own an electric car now, SCB is ready to support you to be a part in reducing global warming. With a new car loan with a high limit and installments up to 84 months. For more information and to try calculating monthly installment rates at https://car.scb/new-car