6 Ideas for Elder-Friendly Home Renovation

It is expected that Thailand will step into a complete elderly society in the next few years, that is the year 2021. Same as many countries around the world, that means 1 in 4 of the country will be 65 years of age or older. Many seniors must live in the house alone during the time that their children go to work outside. In the modern society that many couples do not have children, or many people are single, in retirement time or in the old age these people may have to be home alone. Many elderly people are happy and choose to stay in their own home at the end and do not want to go to a nursing home or hospital. But with a deteriorating physical condition, living alone or even living with children is not as easy as before. Therefore, preparing to renovate the original house to suit the elderly, which may be our father, mother, adult relative or even ourselves in the future when the old age is necessary, to stay in the house happily, convenient and safe.

This article contains techniques for improving our original house to be suitable for the elderly.

1. Easy on the hands

You probably don't think much about turning a doorknob, but it can actually be quite a chore, even painful, for someone with arthritis or other conditions. Simply replacing doorknobs with lever-style hardware can make life easier for residents. Levers are also best on faucets and illuminated rocker switches are better than the standard toggle light switches.

2. Safe and friendly floors

Slippery surfaces are not the only danger underfoot, although they're the most obvious. All floors should be made slip-resistant, such as by adding nonskid mats under area rugs (or getting rid of the area rugs completely). Trips are as dangerous as slips, so eliminate trip points like thresholds wherever possible, or reduce their height. For those who use walkers, adds low-pile carpeting is safest so the walker doesn't catch on deep pile and cause a fall. The exterior of the house that is a smooth surface such as tiled floor or terrazzo floor that will get wet from the rain is the area that must be careful as well.Because it is an area that can walk without danger in normal time. But when it rains or residual water stains, we may not be careful enough that it be dangerous. Which can solve both surface modification, add rainproof eaves or find items to put together to prevent walking.

We should also explore the floor level at various points. That the level has changed, or which point might be interrupted? These points, if necessary should be easily visible, no obstructions or blinds. Some houses that have been renovated before, there may be a raised floor that is too high to be able to step up easily. Should have a height adjustment, which may increase to a level that is large enough which will help the elderly, especially those who need to use walking sticks more easily

3.  Safe Stairs

or older people living on more than one level, stairs can be especially dangerous. Handrails are a must, on both sides of the staircase if possible. Lighting is also critical, so make sure the entire stairway is well lit from top to bottom. Clearly defined steps that show where the edge of the tread is can help prevent falls.

4. A Well-Lighted Place

The staircase isn't the only part of a home that needs good lighting. A dark room is an invitation to a bump or a fall, so make sure there's adequate lighting in every room, hallway, and doorway. Entryways are especially dangerous if not well lit.

5. Space for placing things

Fumbling with keys, packages, the mail — all can distract and unbalance someone entering or exiting a home. In addition to providing lighting at entryways be sure to have a table, bench, or other surface nearby for putting things down.

6.  Friendly bathroom

Most people think of shower grab bars as the way to make bathing safer. There are other ways to help ensure safety in the bath. Think about adding grab bars by the toilet, too, or other places in the room where someone may need a helping hand. A step-in shower is safer than a tub, but if that's not possible add grab bars that help someone getting in and out. A single-handled faucet control reduces the chances of scalding at the sink, and a pressure-balanced control does the same in the shower. A hand-held showerhead is often easier to use for someone with limited mobility than a fixed showerhead.

Just simple home improvement with a small budget that can be gradually made into parts according to the appropriate budget. Can make the old house, safe and suitable for the daily life of the elderly in the house. Everyone will be happy to live in a loving home. The children themselves will go to work outside without worrying much. To make your home a happy place for people of all ages.