Open the future of finance without limits with Tokenization

What is tokenization and how does it matter to the world of finance? Why is it called the Future of Finance? Dr. Arak Suteewong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SCB X Group and Chairman of Token X Company Limited and Mr. Jittinan Chartsiharat, Chief Executive Officer of Token X Company Limited. Z Co., Ltd. shared his views on the world of finance and investment to the participants of the Tokenization Summit 2022 seminar, which is the first Tokenization seminar held in Thailand.

SCBX with a bold step grow into the business group of the future world

The SCBX group's journey began with Disrupt itself and Transform to stand in the midst of the changing trend. Dr. Arak said that 5-6 years ago, there was a change in the financial business world. There is an entry of e-Wallets, Fintech, Blockchain, which are technologies that replace intermediary systems. And the bank was an intermediary business, making at that time. The question arises, how can the banking business survive and become competitive? So it was the source of disrupting myself, which was a very challenging matter because at that time The bank is still profitable. Standing up and saying you need to change is not easy. Throughout the past journey, banks have made many trials and errors. Until the day that I know How to continue the journey This is the reason for the establishment of the SCBX Group with the vision of being a Regional Financial Technology Group to be a regional Tech Company that offers modern financial services to everyone.

SCBX consists of 3 groups: Group 1, Siam Commercial Bank and its allies. Is a group that creates continuous growth and has stability Group 2, a new form of financial business that uses technology, such as Consumer Finance, Digital Lending, is a new form of financial product presentation. For example, through mobile phones, 3 groups of businesses that look forward to the future that will truly be a Tech Company, such as Token X Company that provides services related to Digital Assets and the use of Blockchain, is a new foundation for financial transactions and investments. future And what will benefit everyone is tokenization, which is to convert current assets into digital form. And it can also lead to a digital economy.

The SCBX group therefore places great importance on Digital Asset and Blockchain by educating and enhancing learning. so that everyone has the opportunity to access new technology And be partners together to succeed in the world of digital assets in a sustainable way. And what I want to emphasize is that Digital Asset, Blockchain is a new global issue. But how to make it appropriate, safe, and most useful? And everyone has access to this technology. Therefore, it is something that everyone must cooperate and help each other push forward to make it happen.

Future of Finance Change the business of the financial world

Mr. Jitinan said that Digital Transformation, Digital Disruptive are words that we have heard until familiar. These things make everyone have to Unlearn and Relearn to be able to be ready to receive new things. Happening fast In particular, Financial Disruption is a matter that is getting closer. This raises questions about what the Future of Finance will look like. which Khun Jittinan viewed Many changes come in unexpectedly. Some changes happen gradually. Some changes make life better. and some changes make things difficult But regardless of the change If you want to see any kind of change, you have to take action, you have to help each other push it. and some changes make things difficult But regardless of the change If you want to see any kind of change, you have to take action, you have to work together to push it. This is the beginning of organizing the Tokenization Summit 2022 because we believe that if everyone receives sufficient and appropriate information, they will be able to work together to drive the future of the financial world in the way that everyone wants it to be. And everyone will benefit sustainably in the future.

Mr. Chittinan said that Token X under the SCBX group provides end-to-end tokenization services, operating with a commitment to being a Tokenization Success Partner. success for Thailand's leading corporate clients. by applying blockchain technology and digital tokens and Jittinan We sincerely hope that this seminar will be the key to opening the door to connect the present world to the financial world of the future. To help entrepreneurs, investors, the business sector, as well as attendees to apply knowledge and understanding to develop new business opportunities. to have access to limitless growth opportunities.

Source: Tokenization Summit 2022 seminar on October 5, 2022 at Samyan Mitrtown