Real estate insights & making understandings by social trends

What do online marketers in real estate have to do to gain a competitive advantage? What strategies or channels do they use? To be in every moment of consumers, Mr. Phumi Maneesrivong, Business Intelligence Director, Real Smart Co., Ltd., shared information with the participants of the Digital Solutions for Real Estate seminar as follows:


Knowing Insight, understanding consumers on the online world.

From the statistics of the Thai population at present, there are a total of 70 million people. When digging deeper, it is found that 50 million people are Internet users. Most Thai consumers are online. Online marketing has become a mass marketing. Thai people are online on average up to 9 hours a day, or more than a third of the day, and mobile phones are the main channel used to surf the Internet world. Khun Phumi also said that for information search, over 50% of consumers need some information from searching, so if you want to sell something, you need to be online and easily viewable on your mobile phone.

When digging deeper into each social media platform, Facebook remains the number one favorite among Thais with over 50 million users, followed by YouTube with 42 million users, new-up-and-coming TikTok, and 36 million users Instagram. 18 million users and Twitter ends with 16 million users. The demographics of each platform are different, for example Facebook is the main for people in the age of 25-34 years old, while TikTok is 18-34 years old. There is also an interesting trend that the behavior of the new consumer does not use Google Search to find information. But they also search on TikTok and Instagram, so doing website SEO is no longer enough.ขณะที่ VDO Content

While VDO Content is still a hot trend, overtaking every curve. In the past 1-2 years, it was found that in a week, Thai people spend 23 hours watching VDO on YouTube, while on TikTok and Instagram 10 hours when there is Doubts that Facebook will be able to go further or not? Khun Phumi said don't forget that 50 million Thai users are on Facebook. Facebook also has a huge data trove that stores more than 80% of users' data, while the newer platform doesn't have as much data as Facebook due to legal restrictions. Facebook is more granular and in-depth than other platforms, making it ideal for targeted marketing while other platforms are suitable for mass marketing.

Real estate marketing on social media

What is the social platform that dominates the hearts of customers in the real estate market? Khun Phumi said that from the data from January - June 65, it was found that Twitter was ranked 1st at 43%, followed by Facebook 31% and others at 17%. So, what method causes Brand Engagement on Twitter?

1. Developers use influencers to open the project, create a lot of retweet

2. Create creative content to get Retweet Like or comment while on Facebook Engagement is mainly on Brand Official Account page.

Then, what kind of content creates Brand Engagement on Facebook? It is found that the communication pattern leading to engagement will not focus on sales, but on emotional plus social drives such as support for LGBTQ home loans.

Search trends of Thai people in the real estate market

When analyzing the data from the search terms of Thai people From January - June 2022, it is found that

• House - Townhome segment has 900,000 searches, 26% more than the same period of the previous year. The top 5 locations are 1. Ratchapruek, 2. Bangna, 3. Rama II, 4. Ramintra and 5. Sathorn.

Keyword houses-townhomes near me has increased by 113%. And when searching for houses-townhomes, people will search with words 1. housing estate 2. townhome 3. detached house 4. twin house.

The price range of houses - townhomes that people often specify in searches are not exceed 1.5 - 2 million baht, besides the word house. There is another word that people use to search for, namely 1. Home interest. 2. Refinance the house 3. The house was deceived.

• Condominium Group - there are 7.8 hundred thousand searches, 31% more than the same period of the previous year. The top 5 locations are 1. Sukhumvit 2. Phahon Yothin 3. Ladprao 4. Chaengwattana and 5. Rama 9.

Keyword condos near me has increased by 174% and by 50% for the word condo near university. The hot search for university locations are 1. Kasetsart University 2. Sripatum University 3. Srinakharinwirot University 4. ABAC University. And when searching for a condo, people will continue to search with the words 1. Condo next to BTS 2. The condo that pets are allowed to stay.

Key Finding & Recommendation

1. Although there are other platforms that are hot, Facebook is still the main one that can reach the target audience precisely. Because there is a huge amount of data that makes it possible to shoot ads on the spot and with high flexibility.

2. In presenting the content of modern style house, Muji style house is gaining popularity. It should be presented in a storytelling format with the characters shown.

3. Presentation of project pictures, there should be a green area to get good engagement.

4. Project presentation with Immersive Technology (Virtual Technology) is playing an important role in the real estate business.

5. Making Live Commerce by presenting projects with special promotions Wednesday and Thursday will bring good engagement.

6. Using Influencer to present the project, it is not necessary to use Influencer, only real estate group. Influencer can be used outside the real estate group but choose to present it in a perspective that is suitable for the influencer's expertise, which will help This can lead to good engagement as well.

7. Online searches for homes and condos are increasing. Most people will search from mobile phones.

8. Pet condos are a growing trend.

Online real estate marketing by various forms of reviews such as video clips or photo albums will result in the creation of Brand Awareness to be widely known. And it helps build credibility for the brand in another way. Therefore, before doing online marketing, developers should turn their attention to content creation and choose to use social platforms that are more suitable for the target audience in order not to miss the opportunity to create recognition and be known in the eyes of future customers.

Source: Digital Solutions for Real Estate Seminar by Mr. Phumi Maneesrivong, Business Intelligence Director, Real Smart Co., Ltd. on September 7, 2022, Siam Commercial Bank, Head Office.