Organize mutual funds easier than you think! With the latest service, ROBO ADVISOR

Are you the one who wants to start having financial goals? I would like to save a piece of money to travel to Europe, buy a car, down payment for a home, or extend the amount of money available to create wealth or even to prepare for a relaxed retirement. And you, again, who saw people around you buying funds, talk about the fund, buy and sell and make profits but you are still afraid, standing still confusing in a lot of funds to choose from. Both from many institutions and various investment policies. Both low risk and very different risk levels, some have dividends, some don't have! Confused. Don't know how to start, how to buy, how to arrange the portfolio, how to get to the right way. When to buy and when should sell. Have a Little knowledge and don’t have much time? But the want to invest to make money to grow. Stop! stop thinking, stop worrying and start investing today because we have the ROBO ADVISOR service, which is provided on the EASY INVEST application from SCB Securities, to help manage your mutual fund investment from start to finish. How to start? How good it is? Today, let's talk about it.

ROBO ADVISOR is a financial innovation service that will help you design and manage mutual funds for you automatically. Manage and arrange portfolios to suit market conditions and investor risks. Help neutralize investment recommendations in the selection of over 1,700 mutual funds from a variety of leading asset management companies. To create investment portfolios suitable for market conditions and investor risks level. It also helps adjust portfolios automatically in order to properly allocate investments. There are 2 types of portfolio management methods to choose from. First, the "wealth management" goal is to manage ports by experts. Rely on experience Investment view and various techniques to help procure and manage portfolios. The second type, "manage wealth with AI" uses AI or Artificial Intelligence to help capture market signals 24 hours a day, every day. By analyzing various economic overview data such as economic growth or GDP, inflation, an interest rate of government bonds, or analysis of other technical factors Ready to closely look after the port and adjust the port timely if there are significant market signals. In addition, the ROBO ADVISOR service will automatically send mutual fund purchase-orders. Automatic deduction of investments from deposit accounts, in addition, the monthly investment service (DCA), all of which are free for you to use with no charge!

If interested in building an investment portfolio with the ROBO ADVISOR service, what should I do? The answer is that you must first start with your own investment goals. In which you must be clear on the 4 points to the following questions


  1. What is the investment objective, such as to save money for a car, for travel, children's education or to prepare for retirement?

  2. Determine the investment period Depending on whether you want to invest in short-term or long-term

  3. Define the investment the initial investment is only 3,000 baht. The next time a minimum of 1,000 baht or can choose to deduct the investment on a monthly basis if you want to invest consistently.

  4. Choose the risk level of the investment port. It depends on the investment goals of each person; how much you can take the risk.

All that's left is to set the asset proportion, select investment assets, create portfolios, place orders - sell and portfolios adjustment. The ROBO ADVISOR service will handle all for you automatically. This time, regardless of whether you have not enough knowledge or time, you can invest!

You can also see the details of the investment port. Track performance at any time via the EASY INVEST application. Including can add, close, open investment monthly and by time and withdraw investment funds by yourself easily via mobile as well. Even beginners or who have small budgets can start now at your fingertips.

You see, investing is not as difficult as you think, because we have intelligent helpers, both AI, and experts. Start investing today with the ROBO ADVISOR service. If you are an SCB customer and already have an SCB EASY app, you can open an investment account through the app. Or can open investment accounts with SCBS at all branches of Siam Commercial Bank It takes no more than 10 minutes for approval to have an investment account with SCBS. Download EASY INVEST to start using ROBO ADVISOR.

Do not hesitate, because the investment period is an important variable in creating wealth. Invest early, become richer. Invest today and build automated portfolios and establish regular investment discipline with the ROBO ADVISOR service, your financial goals can be achieved easily.

"Past earnings / past benchmarks are not a guarantee of future performance. Please understand the product characteristics. Conditions of return and risk before investing. "