Go Live, new potential to increase sales

If talking about spa 20 years ago, Thai people may not be very familiar. But when fate gave flight attendants the opportunity to use a spa in Switzerland, they were inspired to build their own spa business. The opportunity came when the old door closed, the airline running bankruptcy was a lay-off. A new door opened to the founder of Divana spa. With the intention of creating a unique experience While highlighting the unique scent of Divana. Until it is recognized and has become the destination of foreign tourists visiting Thailand Along with an award guaranteed for Best Medical Spa in Asia for 4 consecutive years.
But then, when there was a coronavirus crisis, a spa which had been fully booked throughout the year, had to close branches, must reduce staff salaries and the main foreign customers are gone. What is Divana's solution? Khun Apiradee Hiranramadej (Khun Rose), Director of Divana Wellness Co., Ltd., shared her experience of transforming the organization online

Adapting strategies for marketing transformation with 6 RE principles

COVID is the opening of a new door again. Rose said that the crisis felt insurmountable because every crisis had grown, and this time was the same. If possible, the business will be able to expand its customer base endlessly. Allowing everyone in the company, from executives to employees, to work together to overcome obstacles, and learn together. Divana has found a solution by adjusting its online strategy to move forward with sustainability. “Normally, reception staff only have the duty to welcome customers, not having to go out to them because in the past, foreign customers have booked online or via the agency has never had to market online. " 

In this crisis, Divana had to adapt to cope with this change by using the six principles of online marketing as follows:

  • RETOOL Adjust communication tools to customer groups through online channels.
  • RETARGET Adjust the customer group to suit the situation by focusing on Thai customers.
  • REBUSINESS Adjusting new business from existing facilities, such as bringing a cleaning project in the spa to go to outside customers, spray sterilization so that employees can earn enough income to support themselves.
  • REPROCESS Adjust the work process, such as the Marketing team, add a step to measure whether the promotion has been done, how are the results worth?
  • RESKILL Adjust the skills of employees to be in line with the new direction the company trains on online sales via the ZOOM program every week.  
  • REUNITE For example, when the Marketing team launches a new campaign, the sales team must know so that they can talk to customers and close the sale.

And of course, when there is a change, there will be friction. Rose said some of the employees might not be able to accept it, which is normal. Therefore, it is essential to find the right people to fill the organization. For Divana, take advantage of Management Trainee by recruiting new generations to join them to lead to faster change. The staff of this team are responsible for the project and present it once a week. Therefore, always generating new business ideas and creating Talent Environmental To happen within the company as well

Create cool ideas to create items that meet the needs of COVID

In addition, the spa was closed, affiliated businesses were also affected. For example, spa products, when the hotel closes, the product cannot be delivered to the hotel. Clinic and Café with Thai customers, but the shop in the mall was closed by default. In conclusion, there is no business that generates any income.
But what Divana did was find a solution by brainstorming ideas. Rose said that the youngster in the R&D team got on the train and had a crush on the idea that there was alcohol left in the warehouse, we should try making an alcohol spray, selling it online. It turned out that sales reached 1 million baht. That meant that online channels that had never been used in the past were powerful and employees started to have online skills. If you look at it from another angle, it also allows employees to propose new ideas, which is another way to drive the company forward.

Rose also said that COVID showed the spirit of all employees. During that time, the company gave off work and paid half the salary. When the company plans to adjust to online sales by targeting to sell products in stock 1 unit per week and contract with the team, if they help each other to sell according to the target, everyone will receive a full salary. When the project was notified, it turned out that the employees were very enthusiastic to sell. While the reception that originally did not have to do sell, they are diligent to sell via LINE OA and slept at 1 am 2 in the hope that if the sales meet the target, everyone in the company will receive a full salary, which can be achieved. Plus, some people also get more Incentives, who earn more than their regular salary. It is also launching a new line of dietary supplements like vitamin C, which is getting very positive feedback from online sales as well. And online sales also show management that there is talent in the company. It helps to know which employee should become the branch manager and which is the person who generates income for the branch.

Joining all platforms to boost sales power

When Divana is used online as a marketing tool the main platform of choice is LINE OA because it can interact with customers. Sell ​​and tag what products the customer is from. With Lead from social media such as When customers see Facebook ads, they will link to LINE OA. The salesperson will answer customer questions and close the sale. In addition, e-Commerce such as Lazada and Shopee is also used in the Livestream because e-Commerce has the strength of an algorithm that can bring customers to see a lot of live, making it possible to use both e-Commerce and social media every time. Together to stand up to the audience. And collaborated with SCB Shop deal, AIS, and EVENTPOP platforms to sell vouchers to expand the customer base to more Thais. Divana is currently in the process of doing SEO to attract more customers to the website because it sees the website as the company's digital asset and the best customer database without having to rely on any external platforms.

Go Live awakens the courage to try new things

Rose said that when there was a staff member to sell online. So, the management team started making an example by playing TikTok. When employees see it, they know the direction of the company in the future. Which the first live broadcast, employees may still be embarrassed to act, but when they do it more often, they gradually develop from 2-3 viewers. Poor now there are thousands. Rose gave an example of an employee named Pluto that at first, said I couldn't speak well, I couldn't do it. Rose, therefore, encouraged to put the clip into Chula Market Place, it turned out that there were hundreds of people commenting on Pluto to make her more confident. Until now, Pluto has become Divana's star influencer.

Promote Live enhances strengths - resolves weaknesses

When using online platforms, we can see marketing potential in new dimensions. In particular, the live purpose is 1. Build a relationship with customers (Customer Engagement) 2. Make customers trust and confidence in products and services (Customer Trust) 3. Able to reach target customers (Target Reach) And Rose also sees that live can also help with Pain Point. For example, Sukhumvit Soi 11 branch is located in a deep soi. As usual, when coming, customers will get off at BTS Nana and there will be a tuk-tuk from the spa And if they are a Thai customer, they will drive by themselves but often cannot find the shop. Therefore, gave Nong Pluto live how to get to the spa. Clearly see services or points of interest, makes customers wanting to come to the service, which is better than seeing with pictures.

Rose also said that adding individuality to a product or service is equally important. At Divana, we have different signature programs for each club to attract customers. And when influencers are hired to help promote branches, each branch will have different strengths. Makes it possible to increase program sales continuously. Including the decoration of the place to have a beautiful highlight, because most people like to take pictures and share them via social media, will help to create awareness for the brand in another way.

For live selling, techniques are as follows

1. Set Target Customer: Study your customers who they are, what age they are, what are they interested in so that they can choose the appropriate topic or issue and find the point of sale that best meets their needs.

2. Equipment: Good quality of live comes from having the right equipment. If the live has started and the sound is low, it doesn't sound clear. Spotty and choppy images Causing the need to open a new live before calling people to come and see is not easy Therefore, you need to have tools and equipment ready, such as Pocket Wi-Fi, insert a SIM card, high-speed internet, or have a good microphone for clear sound

3. Script: The script will determine the way to live. Even though it is a live broadcast, every chapter must be given direction, including visualizing the composition of the story since its release. Create peaks and close live, etc.

4. Activity Product Showcase: What is the preparation of products or services that you want to promote, such as what is the product to sell must show, demonstrate, to see

5. Sale: Find points of sale that make customers interested. Ready to figure out how to close a powerful deal

6. Live Atmosphere: Successful lives tend to be fun, colorful, not boring, natural, and there should be the Energy team as their soulmate to support and cheer during the lively lives such as Bang Hasan, "My wife wants to eat shrimp" "must eat shrimp".”

7.  Think about activities to increase engagement during live, such as asking, liking, sharing, get a 50% discount, or organizing a live sharing team in Marketplace or Facebook Group with many members.

8. Live Engagement: Should see the chat periodically. If customers say hello, they should say hello to make them feel important.

9.  Announcement: To call guests or viewers through social media 3-12 hours in advance

Before leaving, Rose also said that during the live broadcast, the name should be named "Live". Organize promotions and should not live more than 45-60 minutes because people will be bored. Including before the live, you should study how other people do each other and find examples of the live people that you like and then adjust them to the personality of the live person, it will be a simple method At the beginning of the selling live.

Divana's lessons show that no matter what business you do, if you encounter obstacles you will not give up, new doors are always open for us to see the light.


Source: SCB IEP BOOTCAMP: The Hospitality Survival by Khun Apiradee Hiranramdej (Khun Rose) Director, Divana Wellness Company Limited, September 23-25, 2020.