Step by Step Export procedure for novice

Getting started, learn to import - export with a quick version before real action.

After agreeing to trade products, what do you have to do next? Join us and learn the steps from the product factory to the time when the product is delivered to the customer.(From the seller's factory page - Transportation in the country of origin - Outbound customs clearance - Port of Loading - Port of Discharge - Inbound customs clearance - Transportation in the destination country - Receiving the goods of the buyer)

Step by Step Export procedure for novice


Start learning the quick export instruction

After receiving orders, seller will start to produce products for you or prepare products to be ready.


1. Shipper/Exporter

Place of origin that products have been received, whether it is a factory, warehouse or shop.


2. Trucking, Pick-up, Inland หรือ Inland freight

Take the goods on the vehicle by using the car transport system as the main way to take the goods to the port or airport.


3. Outbound Customs Clearance

Sellers or international shipping agents are responsible for product declaration to customs officers.


4. Port of Loading or POL

When the customs inspect the product, products can be taken on board ships or planes for transportation.


5. Port of Discharge or POD

The product arrives to the buyer's country and the goods will be transported into the warehouse and waiting for buyers or agents to do the customs clearance.


6. Inbound Customs Clearance

The customs officer will inspect the imported goods as exactly as stated to check is there a correct tax and there is not a control product. If there is no problem, it can be removed from the port / airport.

7. Trucking

The product has been transported to the recipient.


8. Consignee

Before receiving the product, the buyer should check the order of the product before accepting the delivery every time.


*Each country has different transportation times and has different requirements.

*The most important thing is the payment method. You can consult us about the way of payment and risk of international trade via the Inbox