“Healthy Foods” Hot Trend for Entrepreneur

“Healthy Foods” or clean foods are becoming a hot trend for consumers, both young and busy office workers who wants to stay healthy. Many entrepreneurs emerging in healthy restaurant business. The following tips includes how to know your way around the industry and start your very own business.

Getting into The Market

Delicious food alone does not make a business but it requires a good marketing strategy. At the beginning, entrepreneurs must build customer trust with the use of high quality ingredients and cooking process. Take into consideration how to design menu variety, food portion and the way to maintain food taste and quality.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Share the origin of your restaurant as an anecdote via YouTube or Facebook Page.
  •  Share knowledgeable information of clean foods and refrain from displaying picture of foods alone. Incorporating nutrition principles of each menu and introduce them to customers. Do not forget to update information on Facebook, print on leaflets or display on table stand in the restaurant.
  • Describe food ingredient selection process and careful preparation that produced the most delicious food while preserving its nutrients.
  • The important elements of pricing, quality and taste are keys to a memorable customer experiences. They are critical for any businesses especially for returning customers and word of mouth.  It would be like kicking customers out of your door if any of these factors are lacking, for instance menu priced to high, unstable food taste and small menu. It would not help, even if you are offering high quality food ingredients.

Customer Segmentation

Identify a variety of customer needs prior to moving into industry i.e., customers who wants to keep fit or on diet. The target markets of healthy foods would definitely wish to consume hygienic, safe, low fat foods with cooking methods that preserve nutrition. 

In the beginning, you might want to target small community near you first for healthy or “clean” food business. It would give you a lot of advantage if your restaurant situated in prime office area. The customer segment expansion can leverage your business into segment of corporate or small event organizer i.e., lunch box or snack bock services.

If your business offers both delicious foods and excellence service, word of mouth will spread and increase your popularity. It also helps maintain growth momentum of your business. This method is the simplest at lowest cost, but might takes a bit of time.


When setting a price of clean food, it should match the quality of your ingredient. Use market price as reference, for instance a main course dish would price between 35-40THB price range. Hence, priced healthy food higher, starting from 55-80 THB. By choosing an appealing food package can increase your unit price. Calculate raw material cost for each box, including delivery cost and labor cost. You might want to try delivery application to offer customer convenience and facilitate your sales order process. Do not forget to include relevant costs into your price calculation.

Enhance Restaurant Atmosphere

Decorate your restaurant with pictures related to the journey of your business. The decoration will give your customer a good read while waiting for their foods. Build customer confidence with displays of high quality food ingredients, including food preparation process. It gives the impression of how much you put heart and care for the restaurant. Painting inside the restaurant with warm tone. Prohibit pets from entering the premise for sanitary and hygiene condition of the restaurant. You need to make sure everything is clean and healthful.

Selling food online or through social media is a good alternative for people with limited investment funds i.e., Facebook, Instagram, LINE and etc. Keep your customer coming back to you by maintaining standard of food ingredients and deliciousness.